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Woo hoo! The show is finally here! Yeah! About time!

This week has been both long and short. Long because of the never-ending evening rehearsals, but short because there’s been so much to do. I have to be at the theatre in less than 5 hours again!

I love this show. It’s fun, it’s sad, it’s touching, it’s outrageous and completely unbelieveable at time, but it’s all of those things that make opera great. And my character, Noémie, the younger stepsisters is such a high-strung prude – it’s so much fun to play.

So here’s to “Cendrillion” in the hopes that it goes well!


Sorry about this again, people. But some extra venting is needed…

I just got back from walking to Chapters, which is 5 blocks away. Someone asks me for money. Not an unusual occurence. It happens at least 5 times a day. The guy starts swearing at me as I walk away. Why are you swearing at me? I’d like to swear at you for asking me every single day. Now, I know that sounds cold-hearted and cruel, but it’s the same people every single day. And most of them look quite normal and don’t seem to be doing too badly. But I get really angry when they start swearing at me. Am I wrong? I don’t think so.

My next issue today is the Riders website. I can’t read anything that isn’t on the main front page. That is ridiculous. I’m not paying $42.50 to read an analysis article by Rod Pedersen. I know the Riders are trying to raise money through their website, but adding a little more free content would be a lot more appealing than have none and ticking off fans, like me.

I hate the BC Lions…

And now for a funny note: I saw an Asian man wearing a John Deere shirt the other day. I wish I could have asked him if he knew what John Deere was. From the Cantonese he was speaking to his friend, I think not. But it made me laugh.

I have tried to write this post what feels like a million times the past week. But everytime I tried to put coherent sentences together, my brain turned to mush, my fingers froze, and my inner voice just said, “Oh, screw it.” And so I did. Not that this attempt is going to be any different, but, I’m determined to actually publish something this time…

Things are so ridiculously hectic right now. I haven’t had time for a freaking haircut, and now I have to squeeze one in right between a show run and work. Grrr… I know I was complaining about how bored I was awhile ago, but this is insane. No one should go more than 2 weeks without a day off. No one. Ever. I’m just completely burnt out, so God bless our director who cancelled tomorrow afternoon’s rehearsal to give us all a break. Thank the Lord! Seriously. I know I was busy in school, but holding down two actual jobs with actual responsibilities and juggling an opera and furthering your musical education is so hard. I never really worked in university like I do now. Excuse the pity party. That’s not what I meant to happen…

I can’t wait to get out of here! The mountains are really starting to tick me off. I just want to blow them all up so I can SEE. I feel very closed in, and my crazy schedule probably isn’t helping, but I just need to get back to some open space. And to a farm with no asphalt. And silence. Except for the sounds of wind blowing through grass, thunder out in the distance and my puppy barking. Yes, I’m getting sentimental. It happens when I’m tired.

Our show is my saving grace right now. It’s so much fun. And except for the fact that some of the cast is pulling diva tantrums now and then and that some people still don’t know their stuff, I’m loving my character and having a great time in the show. It was definitely worth staying this long. But I think every show you do has valuable experience, even if it results in a list of things you resolve never to do again.

Teaching and work are annoying right now. My client is ticking me off on a daily basis, and my students are not helping matters much. I now understand my music teachers’ frustration when I didn’t practice much. Just one more week. Just one more week…

My crankiness and irritability over the past week or so has resulted in a lot of retail therapy. Not that it isn’t justified. I hadn’t bought anything for myself since Christmas, so, this latest “spree” is not without merit.

I listened to my recital CD for the first time the other week. I’d put it off for a good month and a half because I just wasn’t happy with how it went. But, you know, it didn’t sound too bad. And it’s leaps and bounds better than last year’s recital, and I was ECSTATIC with that one. It just goes to show how one’s standards and perceptions can change so drastically in a new environment…

My country music fascination has not waned either. It’s all I listen to. I’m convinced it’s better than pop music. First of all, most of them can actually sing (minus Shania Twain’s country/pop crossover junk – I don’t really like her – can you tell?), and there’s not much electronic stuff that goes on. Plus, it’s just so much more real. It’s about relationships. Real life. When’s the last time you walked in the Bronx in NYC with a fur coat and serious bling like J.Lo does in her videos? Is that real? Not so much. Not that there isn’t crap in country music. There’s crap everywhere. In everything. Yikes, that’s seriously pessimistic (spelling?)…

Okay, before this gets any weirder (me and stream of consciousness do not go well together), or I delete all of this, I’m going to publish. Hopefully I will have something better for you next time. Sorry for the pity party and whining…

Staff meetings! They’re completely useless. Why? Because people rant and rave just to be heard and nothing gets done. My supervisor explained a simple procedure for filling out weekly schedules for the clients we work with. A half hour later people still had questions. Honestly… And I hate brainstorming sessions. And consultants. I don’t get them. “I’m coming to your organization to solve all of your problems! All of them!” And 2 years later – you’re paying the consultant for changes that haven’t been implemented. Step in: new consultant. It’s like the Gomery inquiry over and over and over again, granted, on a much smaller scale.

Yeah for football season! Boo for trick plays! Actually yeah because the Stamps have exposed a trick play that opposing defences will be looking for all year. Better to use it WHEN IT COUNTS!! I wasn’t able to hear the game because of teaching, but I listened to the Rider Roundtable afterwards (thank the Lord in Heaven above for 620 CKRM over the Internet!) and the comments were mostly positive. Crandell played well. Way better than Sir Hank. 5-13 and 70 yards in a half? Not great numbers. I think we’ll beat BC this weekend, but only because we’ll play more starters and they won’t because it’ll be their first pre-season game.

Yeah for hockey in the fall! The NHLPA and NHL have seemed to finally come to their senses and realized how much they’ve destroyed the game in the past year. I don’t see any of the changes proposed by this week’s “Experimental Hockey Retreat” to be used, but there’ll be hockey in fall. There has to be. Otherwise – the league is toast…

Rehearsals for “Cendrillon” are going really well. I’m happy with things for the most part. Except that people still don’t have the thing memorized and we’ve blocked the whole thing. For people training to be professional opera singers, some sure don’t act like it. In the real professional world, if you don’t know your music like the back of your hand, you’re out of there. No exceptions. Even the famous Deborah Voight got canned from Vancouver Opera this past fall because she didn’t know her stuff.

Canadian Idol. Wake me up when we get to the final 2…

That’s about it. I should go and do something productive. Like find more info on last night’s game. Riders: May the force be with you…

Today is my last day of until June 26th. Starting tomorrow, it’s a 20 day race to the finish line. Oy. Not looking forward to it am I (excuse the Yoda-speak)…

I saw Star Wars 3 this weekend. It’s good. I’d never seen a Star Wars movie until this weekend. And now I want to see all of them. Not because they’re “brilliant”. No. I just want to know what happens with Darth Vader, Luke and Leia. Some hilarious dialogue and acting in places. And the movie started out kind of slow. At first I thought to myself, “I know why I’ve never seen this. It’s silly.” But somehow the story drew me in. And I cared. Ah, the wonder of a good story…

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