A little quiz…

001.Name: Nicole Lindsey Kimm Hamm
002.D.O.B.: October 3, 1982. That’s soon people! Remember that!
003.Location: My bedroom in Vancouver, BC.
004.Religion: Seventh-Day Adventist. Say that 3 times.
005.Occupation: Student at the Vancouver Academy of Music/Voice and Piano Teacher at the Salina Cheng Music Academy and Life Skills Worker for the Mainstream Association for Proactive Community Living. And say that 3 times, too.

001.Hair: As long as it’s been in 15 years. But it’s still not terribly long. It’s dark brown with reddish highlights.
002.Eyes: Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue.
003.Height: 5’2″ and proud of it. Small things can pack big punches…

001.Clothing: If I had lots of money, I’d be trendy. But I don’t, so I’m half trendy, half classic.
002.Music: Into country right now. Not sure why, but I am. Anything but rap, heavy metal and Britney Spears.
003.Make-up: Um – foundation, lip gloss, blush, eyeliner, mscara, eyeshadow. The basics.
004.Body art: No. I do want to get my ears pierced at some point. I’m just working up the courage to do so…

001.Wearing: Dark jeans, tweed top, black cardigan, black socks, brown belt with turquoise/silver front, turquoise ring, silver ring, silver watch, silver bangles, turquoise necklace.
002.Listening to: CMT. It’s comfort music, justlike there’s comfort food.
003.Thinking of: People are going to think I’m silly for listening to country music. But I just don’t care. Keith Urban is hot.

001.Bought: A bus ticket.
002.Ate and drank: Some chicken noodle soup followed by some ice cream…
003.Read: In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner. What? It was summer. I needed a good beach read…
004.Watched on TV: CNN’s Newsnight with Aaron Brown.

001.Club or houseparty: Houseparty.
002.Tea or coffee: Tea. Caffeine free.
003.Achiever or slacker: I’m a slacker until the last minute, and then I’m an achiever.
004.Beer or cider: Neither.
005.Drinks or shots: Neither.
006.Cats or dogs: Too close to call. I like cats in kitten form only.
007.Single or taken: Single. Almost 23 years and counting…
008.Pen or pencil: Doesn’t matter.
009.Gloves or mittens: Mittens for sure.
010.Cassette or cd: Um, CD. Duh…
011.Coke or Pepsi: I hate pop.
012.Hard or mild alcohol: Silly question – neither…
013.Matches or a lighter: You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to use a lighter. I can never get the thing to work. Either way, I’m scared of burning myself with them.

001.Kill: Well, it’s been awhile since I updated by “hit” list. Osama Bin Laden. The reward money would probably be pretty good. But seriously, my brother and sister say I don’t like anybody, so, watch out!
002.Hear from: Anybody!!!!
003.Get really wasted with: Nobody.
004.Look like: Kate Winslet. The woman loves her curves.
005.Be like: My Mom.
006.Avoid: Nobody, surprisingly.

001.Touched: The person I sat beside on the bus.
002.Talked to: Samantha, my last voice student.
003.Hugged: Heidi. Although it was more of a half-hug because I was sitting down.
004.Instant messaged: My sister.
005.Kissed: My Mom before I got on the plane back to Vancouver.

001.Eat: Living room on the couch, even though we have a perfectly nice dining room table.
002.Dance: Anywhere where I’m BY MYSELF.
003.Cry: In my bedroom beside my window.
004.Wish you were: At home.

001.Dated one of your best friends? What does dated mean? Je ne comprend love/dating-speak…
002.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? Well, my family…
003.Drank alcohol? Nope.
004.Done drugs: Does Ibuprofen count??
005.Broken the law: All the time – I’m always speeding.
006.Ran away from home: When I was 5 I’d pack up all the things I could in this little red McDonald’s bag I had, and I’d go outside and “run away” across the yard.
007.Broken a bone: Everybody should know this answer by now: 3. Right arm once, left arm, twice.
008.Cheated on a test: Yes. Surprised? In Grade 3 on a Sciene Test I didn’t study for because it was right around Music Festival, and on a Grade 5 Phonetics test that was just stupid. I cried for 2 days straight after both incidents and confessed to my teachers.
009.Skinny dipped: Um, no.
010.Played truth or dare: I don’t think so.
011.Flashed someone: I don’t have anything anybody would want to see..
012.Mooned someone: Double no.
013.Kissed someone you didn’t know: No. I’m too afraid to kiss people I do know. Mind you, kissing people you don’t know would negate the whole “I have to see you again sometime” thing. It’s worth a thought…
014.Been on a talk/game show: I was a judge on Luther Idol. And I was on Wheel of Fortune at church camp one year. I can’t remember what the answer was, but I said “on” instead of “in” or something like that, and lost. If I had answered correctly, I would have won and been in the finals. I was so embarassed…
015.Been in a fight: With my sister every day when I’m home.
016.Ridden in a fire truck: I don’t think so.
017.Been on a plane: Many times.
018.Come close to dying: Not that I know of…
019.Cheated on your boy/girlfriend: Impossible.
020.Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride: Yes. My little cousins.
021.Eaten a worm/mud pie? Probably when I was little.
022.Swam in the ocean: No. It’s way too cold. But I’ve stuck my feet in.
023.Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up: Yeah. Many. I duck my head under the covers, leave a little room for air to get in, and go back to sleep.

001. Music you can’t stand? Bubblegum pop crap.
002.Your bedroom like? A small white room (sounds like an asylum…) with my bed, two bookcases full of books and things, a closet, and my computer desk.
003.Your favorite thing for breakfast? Hashbrowns. It rarely happens anymore.
004.Your favorite thing for lunch? Anything from Tim Hortons!
005.Your favorite thing for dinner? Anything involving potatoes. And cream gravy…
006.Your favorite Restaurant? You know, I really like Swiss Chalet. It’s true.

001.A Vegetarian?: No. I would die.
002.A Good Student?: Yes.
003.Good At Sports?: I can throw a pretty tight spiral on a football. If I would have actually participated in sports in school, I probably would have been not too bad. Not all-star material, but good.
004.Good at wakeboarding/snowboarding: I’m a very cautious snowboarder. Remember the broken arms??
005.A Good Singer?: Depending on the day.
006.A good Actor/Actress?: My teacher says I am. I can be a bit over-dramatic in life as well.
007.A deep sleeper?: I’d say medium. I don’t wake up a lot, but if there’s a big crack of thunder or something like that, I’ll wake up.
008.A Good Dancer?: Nope.
009.Shy?: Yes when I’m with people I don’t know. And to them – I’m not snobby. I just don’t know you yet!
010.Outgoing?: I like to be.
011.A good storyteller?: Only if I know the story really well – or am making it up.
012.Last words?: My computer is sooooo slow…

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