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Now, I’m all for national crises. I love being glued to my television as a disaster of epic proportions unfolds. Call me a sensationalist if you will, but there’s just something intriguing about trouble. But today you couldn’t have paid me to sit in front of Newsworld. Good Lord. A Christmas campaign. Stephen Harper, you are as Oscar Leroy would say, a “Jackass”. What makes him think that he’s going to be Prime Minister? The polls have the Liberals and Conservatives in a dead heat. People are still scared of Harper. Goodness knows I am. I won’t tell you what I really think. It’s inappropriate for public consumption. A January 23rd election. Almost 2 MONTHS of campaigning. The only good thing is that there will be a leader’s debate that I can laugh and scoff at. That’s the ONLY good thing.

Everybody knew this was coming. The parties have been gearing up for months, filling their coffers with money, preparing their awful commercials. I just wish that they would have waited until after Christmas. It’s annoying. And the spirit of goodwill doesn’t go with flinging political snowballs. This is ridiculous. And I love elections!

But like all elections, this one will be decided in Ontario. Martin will suffer out West once again (did you hear the boos when he walked on to the field at BC Place yesterday to do the Grey Cup coin toss? Classy, fans. Way to go). He’ll be massacred in Quebec, where the Gomery report is a much bigger deal than out here. Atlantic Canada – it honestly doesn’t matter. It’s Ontario that matters. I pray they’ll spend their time there. Goodness knows I don’t want to see them out here.

People want change. But the options are crap. We will be in a holding cycle of minority governments until some charismatic visionary comes along (see: Pierre Trudeau if you don’t believe me…). Harper is kidding himself if he thinks he can win a majority. His party is exactly squeaky clean either…

So hold on to your snowballs. Save them for when an MP comes to your door. And then – well, I’m sure you can figure it out…


I have avoided writing this post for a couple of days now because I want to say so much, and yet don’t feel like taking the time to say it. So, I will try to be as brief as possible.

First of all, these kids are trying to get us all to boycott McDonald’s for a day. December 3rd, to be exact. It’s to get our money back from softwood tarrifs. Anyways, check out the following website for more details:

I went to cousin Heidi’s last night for an evening of eating and games, and ended up napping in her new tent. Heidi goes backpacking a lot, so she bought this new lightweight tent. She set it up in her living room, and I tried it out. I can’t believe I actually fell asleep. I never do that. Mind you, I did take a Gravol on the way out there because I was sitting in the backseat, and that often makes me not feel so good. But I had a good time otherwise.

Today I was supposed to go out to Molly’s to watch the Grey Cup on her big screen TV. Yeah, that didn’t happen. The Grey Cup party fell apart, and so, yet again, I was forced to watch a football game on my own. Not that I watched the first 45 minutes that carefully. I did other things because it was quite boring. Except for the Black Eyed Peas and their “sleazy” routine (see’s recap of their performance – typically Canadian!). That was fun. And yes, it was exciting to see the game go into overtime, but by the second round I just wanted the stupid thing to be over. I was very bitter and cranky about a lot of things, not just football. It then ended, mercifully, and the outstanding Canadian award went to a guy that made 4 catches for 44 yards. What about Ben Cahoon? I just don’t understand. But, whatever. No more Chris Schultz, Matt Dunigan or Jock Climie for another 6 months. We can all be thankful for that. And no more Dave Randorf. And a note to CBC: a Grey Cup isn’t a Grey Cup without Don Williams or Chris Cuthbert commentating. Mark Lee and Chris Walby just don’t cut it. Bring in Glen Suitor for color. And Chris Cuthbert for commentating. You guys dropped the ball on not keeping Cuthbert. Jim Hughson is just not entertaining enough for the second game on HNIC. But I’m getting way off topic. And what was with the overhead camera? Going “NFL” are we? It’s a great view – when used at the right times. Anyways, football is finished. Now, on to hockey…

Things have been so crazy this week. Ha! You thought I was going to talk about the Leafs after my “Now, on to hockey…” segue. Ha! You were wrong! Anyways, I’m in my typical late November-early December wanting to go home phase, where the city and mountains just tick me off and I want space, peace, and quiet. And I want it to feel like Christmas. It feels like October. I don’t like that. But the tree is going up – and soon. Maybe even before December 1st. I’ll have to see…

And it’s time for another obsession. Now its: opera. “But weren’t you obsessed with that all along?” you ask yourself. No, I wasn’t. I really didn’t like it. Or I thought I didn’t like it. I don’t think I was letting myself like it. When I made my decision to go into education, I shunned all things opera off to the side because, well, I’m a teacher now. That part of my life is finished. Why am I so stupid sometimes? I can be both. Duh. Double duh. Triple duh.

Anyways, I’m going to go and do something else because this post is going nowhere. But, I’ll end with a little fun. Here’s a quiz for all you…

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z…….
Now you know my ABC’s, now won’t you fill them out about you for me? (Editor’s note: I know there are a couple of letters missing, and some are doubled, but it’s not my quiz.)
A – Age: 23
B – Birthday: October 3, 1982. Now write that down and never forget it. 😉
C – Career of the future: Teacher/University professor/Professional singer. Teacher for the next couple of years, and then maybe the other two in the future. Whatever doors are supposed to open will open.
D – Dad’s name: Dale
E – Easiest person to talk to: My Mom, cousin Heidi, friend Heidi (all Heidis are good people!)
F – Favorite song at the moment: Aprés un reve – written by Gabriel Fauré, but recorded by Renée Fleming
G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears. Worms – eww.
H – Hometown: Rosthern, Saskatchewan.
J – Job title: Music teacher/life skills worker/singer/professional student.
K – Kids: After I’ve been married a few years, yes.
L – Last person you talked to on phone: My Mom. 🙂
M – Mum’s name: Myrn. Not Myrna. Myrn.
N – Number of siblings: 3
O – Oldest sibling: Moi. Then Jeff (21) and then Michelle (18).
P – Phobia[s]: Heights, small spaces, never being happy, the male gender in general, etc.
Q – Favorite Quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
R – Reason to smile: It’s almost December. Plus, the extra crazy hours I’m working will result in a major cash windfall mid-month. It will all be worth it…
S – Status: Single. See phobias…
T – Time you wake up: 7:30 am. Though I don’t actually get out of bed until 7:45 am.
U – Unknown fact about me: I have never actually slept in a tent.
V – Vegetables you hate: I don’t really like any vegetables. But I eat them.
W -Where did you go on your last vacation: California, baby! Woo hoo!
W- Worst habit[s]: Being too self-centered.
X – X-rays you’ve had: My arms too many times to mention.
Z – Zodiac sign: Libra.

Tune into SportsCentre or SportsNet right now. You have to see highlights of the Penguins/Capitals game. Now, first of all: when was the last time anybody said you had to see highlights of a Penguins game? Let alone a Caps game, and then a game between the two of them? Interesting question. Back to the point… Sidney Crosby is insanely talented. He is the real deal. Now my mind does not remember Gretzky in his prime, but I imagine that he would have been something like Crosby. I didn’t think he’d live up to the hype. But he has; he’s actually surpassed it. Oh, if only the Leafs had won that blasted lottery. Wait – do they have any first round picks left this decade?

On to football. May the Eskies win this weekend. Don Matthews and his Alouettes have always irritated me. But so have the Esks. So, what’s my reasoning? Well, there is the West vs. East card, but I want Jason Maas to win a Grey Cup. I think he’s the most underrated QB in the league, and he’s proved it the past couple of games. A team player like him deserves a Grey Cup. I don’t know who will win. Both teams have been very inconsistent all year, but the Alouettes have been making a good late season charge. I fear Edmonton’s luck may run out. But they have “heart”. We’ll see… Oh, and somebody remind Ed Hervey that the Grey Cup is in Vancouver, not Calgary. This is not the Stampede – put the cowboy hat away.

What is with the fog here? This is Day 4 of Fog 2005. This is ridiculous. I haven’t seen the mountains for days. I guess it’s just preparation for being back in Saskatchewan in less than a month. Ha ha!

Ack, I was going to write more, but I don’t feel like writing anymore. This little bit has taken me an hour as I’ve been watching SportsNet. Not a good combination. Tomorrow is voice lesson day. Yeah! And for one of my Little Mozart kids, it’s the day they get to go bowling at school. Bowling at school? Yeah, I thought it was weird, too. But hey – you’re not stuck in a classroom.

So, I’m sitting here, watching the Oilers and Blackhawks pretend to be good hockey teams, all the while ticked off that I can’t go and watch “Walk the Line” because it isn’t playing at the theatre that’s within walking distance and the late shows downtown only start at 10:00, and I realize that I haven’t done anything fun all week. Or eaten a decent meal. Which reminds me that I haven’t eaten anything since 11:00 this morning…

For the past week I’ve left home early (like 7:45) , and come back late (as in 8:00-9:00). Such is winter. During the summer it doesn’t matter as much because there’s so much more light. But it’s getting close to winter now, and sunlight is an issue. Bring back summer!

Today I went and watched my little kidlets in their recital. They were so cute, and they all did fabulously. Getting there was a pain in the you know what – 2 1/2 freaking hours. Goodness – that’s driving from Saskatoon to Regina. But such is life when you commute in a big metropolis. The recital was out in Port Coquitlam, which we have all deemed is much too far from the academy we teach out of. I’ll have to talk to Salina about that. Tomorrow is the teacher’s recital, and yours truly is singing a little something called “The Cat Duet”. It’s ridiculous and my students will never look at me in the same way ever again (but they do think I’m weird and silly already – what more do I have to lose?). I can’t wait until this weekend is done. Then my little students can return to their normal lives.

The cutest thing happened when I was teaching yesterday. Brent, my wild 5 year old, was his usual “can’t sit still” self, and was really frustrating me. I was tired, I had a student who didn’t show up (which really ticks me off), I kept thinking about my weekend that isn’t a weekend, and was generally irritated. Then he told me that he wanted to play one of his old songs. I asked him which ones. He then said, “The one called ‘For My Teacher”. I want to play it for you.” Well, my heart melted. And all was forgiven. I then said to him, “You like me, don’t you?” I was teasing him, of course, because boys just don’t like girls at that age, and was expecting him to say no. His response was, “Sometimes.” Good enough for me…

And one Rider note before I go and eat something. It dawned on me the other day while I was watching “Off the Record”, with Mike Morreale of the Hamilton Tiger Cats (a receiver, nonetheless), that our Riders might have had more post-season success had they traded for Milt Stegall or Mike Morreale, or some receiver of value. Why they didn’t is beyond me. But that’s bridge under the water now. To the kitchen…

The mourning for my Riders has ended. We’re done. I have already begun to stack my sports arsenal with hockey facts and statistics, so we’re moving on…

But I’m actually still in mourning. My great auntie Alma passed away very suddenly on Monday. She was quite old, over 85 I think, and lived a good life. She travelled all over the world and was a strong woman of faith. I wish my faith could be strong like hers. And she loved music. I know that she did a lot of praying for me over the years, and always encouraged my musical pursuits with cards and questions whenever I came home. Things just won’t be the same at home with her gone.

What else can I tell you? Oh, I got another 10 hours of life skills work, so that’s more money in the bank. And it means I’ll be busier.

I had my voice lesson today. I was hoping to build off of last week’s good performance. Yeah. That didn’t happen. It never does. It was a crappy lesson. I don’t know if my head just wasn’t in it, or what. But I sang in masterclass in the afternoon, and that went much better. It’s actually the most productive masterclass I can remember. I was much better by the end of it.

So, tomorrow I go and work with my client, Brenda. She wants to make a budget for Christmas presents. Sounds good to me! And then I’ll go and see my little rugrats. Yesterday one of them told me that I look like a vampire. Yes, my incisors are a little pointy, but a vampire? So, I told him I used them to bite the kids that don’t practice. He said, “Really.” I said, “Um, no. Don’t be so gullible.” Kids…

As final notes: 1. Did you see Sidney Crosby tonight? That kid is for real. What an effort against mean Hatcher and the Flyers. 2. The Eskimos are crazy. Starting Ray instead of Maas? Okay. Whatever… 3. A Christmas election. You’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t vote in Rosthern anymore! This is ridiculous. I hope nobody votes. Christmas and politics just don’t go together. Well, if you look at the Christmas story, I guess they actually do, but the whole theme of “goodwill towards all” just doesn’t mean as much when politicians are flinging snowballs at each other. And there will be snowballs. Count on it…

This was the typical first day of mourning for me. The first day always involves looking for any shred of news about the Riders’ demise. Today I happened to tune into Sportsnet right when they were talking about them. What luck! What ensued was a pointed discussion, with Argonaut’s president Keith Pelley no less, about what the Riders should do. You could argue that they took a huge step back this year, what with the 9-9 record, the 2nd year in a row they lost a starting quarterback, and the and Trevis Smith, and likely Kenton Keith situations, that things just aren’t going well in Riderville. They did point out that this is the most competitive football team this franchise has had since, well, the 1970s. And that’s pathetic in oh so many ways. But do you keep around a regime that hasn’t delivered on its promises? I say yes. But how far do you go? That remains to be seen…

And here’s Mom and I! We had such a great time this last weekend. And look at us – this is about 3 hours after the Riders got their butts whipped, and we’re actually smiling! Posted by Picasa


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