First job: Cutting my church’s grass in the summer. Actually, I think it was playing piano at the Anglican Church on Sundays. Whatever. It was one of those two.
First screen name: Rider89. That’s my only screen name.
First piercing/tattoo: I’m getting my ears pierced sometime before I go for Christmas. It’s a matter of having money…
First true love: Haven’t had one yet. Infatuation, sure. Love, no.
First enemy: Blair Wilson. Elementary school. We hated each other.
First big trip: On my own, NYC with Tara! Woo hoo! That was one fantastic trip. We went down to Nebraska with my family with I was 9 for my Auntie Natalie’s university convocation. So, we toured the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, the mountains on the way back up. It was a good trip. But there was no air conditioning in our red bomb of a car….
First concert: The earliest concert I can remember is The Rankin Family. But there was probably something before that.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Hmmm… I don’t know. My Mom would get out her ABBA albums once in awhile.
Last big car ride: To the Rider game in Regina on Labor Day.
Last kiss: My leading man in my rehearsal last night.
Last library book checked out: “Singing a Song” or something like that. It explains how the voice works.
Last movie seen: “Prime”, in the theater. Don’t go.
Last food consumed: Field Berry yogurt. Mmm…
Last phone call: My friend Heidi, last night. We dissected the dress rehearsal.
Last CD played: Renée Fleming’s “I Want Magic”. I wish I could sing like her…
Last annoyance: That I woke up at 7:00 again this morning.
Last soda drank: Ginger ale in some juice Heather made for my birthday supper last weekend.
Last ice cream eaten: Breyer’s Natural Vanilla Ice Cream. Oh, that stuff is heavenly. But gelato is better!
Last time scolded: My conductor last night. Not really a scolding, though.
Last website visited: TSN.ca. I wanted to check if they’d updated the CFL Power Ranking for this week. They didn’t.
I AM: Tired! I want to go back to sleep!
I WANT: It to be Wednesday so I can go and pick up my Mom from the airport, and I can sing my scene.
I HAVE: To phone SFU and get a meeting with an academic advisor for next week!
I WISH: I had more money right now.
I HATE: Not sleeping…
I FEAR: Oh, geez. Everything.
I HEAR: The sound of the construction workers hammering away at the building down the block. Will they ever finish??
I WONDER: Will the Riders win this Sunday in Montreal??
I REGRET: I can’t really think of anything…
I LOVE: My family, my friends, my Riders, my Leafs, music, teaching.
I ACHE: My neck muscles hurt.
I ALWAYS: Expect the worst.
I AM NOT: Graceful. Some days I would trade my right arm to be graceful.
I DANCE: In my head. I’m a much better dancer there.
I SING: Everywhere.
I CRY: When I’m lonely. Or overwhelmed. Or both.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: As confident as I should be.
I WRITE: On my blog. In my journal. I write songs. I’m kind of writing what may turn into a book. Why? I don’t know…
I WIN: On NHL ’99. My team is 22-0-1. Take that Ottawa!
I LOSE: At anything every freaking time I play with Hetaher. We don’t play much anymore. I get really ticked off.
I CONFUSE: Myself…
I NEED: A massage.
SHOULD: Be sleeping…

YES or NO:YOU KEEP A DIARY: No. A journal, yes.
YOU LIKE TO COOK: Yeah. But I don’t really like to experiment. I like tried and true recipies.
YOU HAVE A SECRET YOU HAVE NOT SHARED WITH ANYONE: I don’t think so. I’m getting a lot better at being more open.
DO YOU…?HAVE A CRUSH: Yes. Everyday it’s someone new..
WANT TO GET MARRIED: Yes. And have 4 kids.
GET MOTION SICKNESS: Uh huh. I hate it. I always carry gravol with me. I can even swallow it without anything to drink now.
THINK YOURE A HEALTH FREAK: No. But I’m way better than I used to be. I actually eat fruits and vegetables now.
LIKE THUNDERSTORMS: As long as they’re not severe and it’s not too windy.
CURRENT HAIR COLOR: Brown with redddish highlights that are growing out. I need to color my hair again…
EYE COLOR: Blue-grey.
COLOR: I love purple right now.
DAY: Saturday.
MONTH: Tough one. I love July and October. But December is great, too. And so is June.
SONG(S): My favorite song right now is probably “Like We Never Loved At All” by Faith Hill.
SEASON: Summer. Fall is nice in SK, but it sucks in BC. Way too much rain.
DRINK: Chocolate milk. Or iced tea.
CHOCOLATE MILK, OR HOT CHOCOLATE: Chocolate milk, hands down.
HELPED SOMEONE? I don’t think so. That’s not good…
BOUGHT SOMETHING? Yes. Daisies. I had to buy them for my scene. The whole “He loves me, he loves me not” thing happens.
GOTTEN SICK? No. But I keep swallowing every copule of minutes to see if my throat’s sore. Paranoia before concerts…
SAID ‘i love you’?: Well, I said it in French. “Je t’aime.” To the leading man in my scene. It sounds oh so much better in French… Oh, and I said it to my Mom on the phone last night.
WRITTEN A REAL LETTER: No, but I keep forgetting to write one to someone…
TALKED TO AN EX?: What ex?
MISSED AN EX?: See above question…
HAD A SERIOUS TALK? Um, not really.
MISSED SOMEONE? Of course. I miss my family everday. Especially when they’re watching football games together and I’m not there…
HUGGED SOMEONE? Yes. Once again, leading man.
1. Eat a bug?: I have. I ate a couple of mosquitoes, accidentally, while attempting to jog outside on the farm at home this summer. I stopped jogging after that.
2. Bungee jump?: Uh uh.
3. Kill someone?: If it was a matter of my life being at stake, probably.
4. Parachute from a plane? If I was going to die if I didn’t, yes.
5. Walk on hot coals? Um, no…
6. Go out with someone for their looks? For one date. Why not?
7. Be a vegetarian? No. But I can see myself giving up red meat. That’s a big step for me.
8. Wear plaid with stripes? Ha! Heck no! Unless I was a model and Ralph Laruen said it was okay.
9. IM a stranger? Probably.
10. Sing Karaoke? I think we all know that Nicole’s a pretty big fan of karaokee…
11. Get drunk off your ass? No. Not exactly appealing…
12. Shoplift? No.
13. Run a red light? I think I have. I always accelerate when the light turns yellow. That’s a bad habit from driving out here…
14. Star in a porn video? Ha! What kind of question is this? Is Brad Pitt in the video? Just kidding…
15. Dye your hair blue? No.
16. Be on Survivor? I don’t think so.
17. Wear makeup in public?: Yeah. I do pretty much every day.
18. Not wear makeup in public? Yeah. I did it on Saturday.
19. Cheat on a test? Been there, done that. Yes, I, Nicole Hamm, have cheated on tests. I was in Grade 3 once, and Grade 5 the other time. And I wrote apology letters tothe people I cheated off of. I cried and cried about it. And I was stupid enough to do it twice. Perfection wil do that to you…
20. Make someone cry? If they needed to. Or I was that angry.
21. Date someone more than 10 years older than you? Well, the leading guy in my scene is 11 years older than me. Does that count?
22. Stay up all night? Not any more. Unless I’m working nights. I love sleep…

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Wow! That was a long survey. -Joel

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