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And there’s me. And my red hair. I think I’ll keep it. Not a bad hair day on my part… Posted by Picasa


Here’s Heather and I. We phoned her Dad during the game. He was shocked that Heather actually came with me. I had a nice conversation with Uncle Wes. He chastized me about my Leafs (he’s a Canadiens fan…), but some good hockey talk was had. Posted by Picasa

I finally made it to GM Place the other night. I have lived here for 1 1/2 years, and my dream of going to a Canucks game came true. I went with Heather, which was great because she actually understands hockey, unlike football. GM Place is not as fancy on the inside as the ACC in Toronto, but it definitely holds second place in my “Rink Rankings”. They’re not official rankings, nor do they hold any merit because I’ve been to a whole 3 NHL rinks. Madison Square Garden comes a distant third. One word: dingy.

We were up in the rafters, because some of the crazies, but they were good crazies. I forgot that hockey is much more of an elitist sport compared to football. 60,000 people can go to a football game, whereas only 19,000 can go to a Canucks game. So, not everyone gets to go. I’m sure Darwin would have some theory about that.

I hate the Canucks. I didn’t realize how much until Monday. I mean, I cheered for the LOS ANGELES KINGS for the whole entire game. Initially Heather and I devised a plan where I would flip a coin to see which team I would cheer for in the first period. In the second I would cheer for the other team. And in the third I’d cheer for one side for 10 minutes, and 10 minutes for the other side. Of course I’d flip a coin to see which side I’d cheer for first. I hadn’t thought of what would happen when overtime came, much less a shootout. And I was praying for a shootout.

Anyways, when the second period came, I couldn’t cheer for the Canucks. I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t as if there was some force holding me back, but it just wasn’t in me. My heart wasn’t in it. So, I was the only one sitting down when the Canucks scored their 7 goals. The Kings outshot them, but the Canucks had a few good rushes and fooled young Matthew Garon, the King goalie. If the Kings would have stayed out of the penalty box in the first period, the score might have been different. Other stories from the game: Alexandre Burrows became the new “It” Canuck with his hat trick. Naslun, Bertuzzi and Morrison are much more effective when broken up these days. Odd… The Sedin/Carter line is what’s keeping the Canucks together right now. If it weren’t for them, I don’t think the Canucks would make the playoffs.

I love hockey…

The Leafs are toast. History. I’m done with them. Same goes for the Riders. With the moves of Thurmon and Spencer to Calgary, the exodus from Riderville continues. Something is wrong. The players sense it and are running away. My hopes of landing Kerry Joseph once the Renegades fold (and if they don’t fold this league isn’t getting any smarter…) have dimmed because the Blue Bombers would get first choice in the dispersal draft. And with Kevin Glenn as their number one guy, they’re obviously looking for an upgrade as well. Damn.

Well, this was the sports update. Time for bed. I’ll post some pictures from the hockey game. Go…um, let’s see…go, Flames?!?!

There is much, much, much, much on the agenda today. Let’s get right to it…

First, and foremost, I was extremely disappointed in the performances of the Leafs and Canucks tonight. Winning is NOT performance, people. How are we ever supposed to finally realize that something is not quite right with both of these teams if they make it into the playoffs? If they get in, all of the “blow it up and start over again” crowd will shout, “Hurrah! We made it – Stanley Cup, here we come!” Put us all out of our misery and blow the rest of the season.

The SK Party wants the NDP to apologize for the portrayl of former Liberal Premier Jimmy Gardiner in the recent Tommy Douglas movie. First of all, does the SK Party want an apology for themselves or for his family? I’m not exactly clear on that, and the article from doesn’t exactly clear things up. Secondly, is this really happening? It’s a MOVIE. NOT MADE BY THE NDP but by a PUBLIC broadcaster called the CBC. Ask the CBC for an apology. Yes, the NDP put money into it, but it was for the man who founded their party. The SK Party would do the same for Elwin Hermanson, if anybody ever actually cared. Or knew who Elwin Hermanson was. Thirdly, why does the SK Party want an apology for a LIBERAL PREMIER. That’s like Stephen Harper asking that Jean Chrétien be pardoned for Shawinigate. Honestly, it doesn’t make any sense. Fourthly (is that a word??), haven’t you people ever heard of poetic license? Things get taken out of context or moved around to give the story more dramatic strength. Fifthly, it’s the TOMMY DOUGLAS story. Not the JIMMY GARDINER story. Of course Tommy’s going to get the benefit of the doubt. Sixthly, nobody anywhere would ever have heard of Jimmy Gardiner had it not been for this movie. And seventhly – the family is worried that when this movie is shown in Saskatchewan schools, there will be backlash against Gardiner. This movie will never get shown in Saskatchewan schools. We learn about Louis Riel. Not Tommy Douglas. We do not celebrate our heroes in Saskatchewan. Particularly those that actually triumph.

Ashley MacIsaac wants to run for the Liberal leadership bid in December. I can’t wait to see this. The Liberals are going down in star power, though. First it was Bono, and now, MacIsaac? If the Liberals want to keep this leadership bid from becoming even more of a laughing stock than it already is (because nobody wants to run…), they’d better give this guy some pot, spin him around a million times and then send him away.

I can’t remember if I commented on the upcoming Junos, but here goes. Have you seen the list of Album of the Year contenders? It’s to be a joke. Or a blatant plug for this year’s Canadian Idol. Ridiculous. You’re telling me that you couldn’t find better albums than Kalan Porter’s 219 Days and Rex Goudie’s Under the Lights? The same two are up for Artist of the Year? What the hell? I know I’m going through a country faze, but what about that part of Canadian music that is humming along better than ever? How about ANYONE ELSE?!?! I don’t understand it…

I could be on strike at the end of the month. This potentially sucks (I’m trying to rid the word from my vocabulary, but no such luck yet…). If we strike, I’m not picketing. I’m relaxing. At home. If I’m not going to get paid, I’m not going to picket. What a good little socialist I am. Tommy Douglas would not be so proud of me.

I’ve been thinking alot about Tommy Douglas a of late. I just wonder what he would do with what he saw. Provincially, I don’t think he’d be very happy. Federally, well, things are not too bad. It is very clear that this country needs another visionary like Tommy Douglas to step up and stir the pot. Politically, things are very much at a standstill in this country, which isn’t helping matters. Where are you 21st century Tommy Douglas or – better yet – Tina Douglas?

To all of those who think I’m a bad person because I’m not out on an ice flow defending the rights of baby seals, please read this:
I’m not the only one…

Today’s topic is music. Well, it’ll probably morph into a lot of things, but music is what I’m starting with.

I LOVE the Dixie Chicks’ new song. A little over-orchestrated, but it’s a great rant in response to all those red state-people that took them to the cleaners after lead singer Natalie Maines’ not-so-nice comments about President Bush. I can’t wait for their new CD. Their last one was much more acoustic and sparse, and obviously they’re going in a different direction with this one. It’ll be interesting to see the public’s response.

I love Amanda Wilkinson. I-Tunes finally put her first solo CD up, and I finally was able to download it. Some of the songs are pretty weak, but her voice is great, as always. It has this old school sound and a unique depth.

I went on a little “shopping spree” on I-Tunes, and got a whole bunch of stuff. I am amazed by Miranda Lambert. She’s a year younger than me, but her songwriting is so mature. I wish I could write songs like her…

With the sun out again, I’ve been listening to the Backstreet Boys – stuff off of their last album. Say what you want, but their music is catchy, it’s singable, I love it.

I’ve been reading about Tommy Douglas the past week. I watched “Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story” last week and have become politically motivated again. No, I’m not going to start my own party like I tried to in elementary school (the KDP – Kid’s Democratic Party; I was a big Roy Romanow fan). I think an excellent History/Political Science Honors thesis or Master’s degree comparing grassroots movements throughout Canadian history (i.e. the CCF, current Conservative Party), would be very interesting. Or comparing the CCF and the current Conservative Party; they’re similar in a lot of ways, but very different (duh). What frustrates me is that we didn’t learn about Tommy Douglas in school. The man changed Canada WITHOUT being Prime Minister, and yet I learned about Louis Riel in Grade 4. Not Tommy Douglas. And I grew up in SASKATCHEWAN! No wonder the rest of the country doesn’t get it. But having won The Greatest Canadian challenge last fall, and now the movie about his life, I think his notability will rise – a slight bit. Come on, who actually watches CBC?

I watched “North Country” last night. It stars Charlize Theron. Trumps Reese Witherspoon by a mile. Still haven’t seen “Transamerica”, so I’ll let you know who really deserved the Oscar. But the film was great. Some wonder cinematrography with the Minnesotan landscape, and great acting. I did feel like I was seeing Erin Brockovich again, but this gal was much less hostile. It was good. I didn’t cry. Apparently I was supposed to…

Um, yeah. That’s it. I’m going to publish a few post that I had started last week and never finished. Just for those of you diehard readers (aka Joel)…

I feel like the past month has been a waste of time. Why? Lots of reasons. None I’m going to get into here. But just know that’s how I feel.

I apologize for not posting the last couple of weeks. On second thought, I don’t apologize. I didn’t feel like it, so I didn’t.

To the person who commented on my last blog, who basically said that they thought I wasn’t as smart as they thought: who are you? If you’re going to make a comment like that, at least leave your name. And for your information, I don’t agree with commercial exploitation of seals. I just think that there are way bigger issues that need more exposure. Like AIDS in Africa and all the pharmaceutical companies that won’t lower their drug prices at the cost of millions of lives. There are ongoing issues of hunger, poverty, child abuse, cancer, terrorism. Seal pups just don’t register that high on my radar. I really don’t care what you think of me. I’ve been pandering to people for too long.

If you sense an air of hostility and defensiveness right now, you’re not that far off. It’s frustration I guess. Feeling like I’m banging my head against a wall, trying to break through when there’s a door five feet down the hall that I refuse to go through because my way is better. Or I think it’s better. I am creeping closer towards the door, slowly but surely.

This is turning into one of the weirder blogs I’ve written. Once again, I do not apologize.

So, to get back to the “usual Nicole” stuff. Here’s a list of random thoughts:

1. The Riders might actually get a QB. If Ottawa folds, as many are suspecting may happen, he becomes free. Wouldn’t that be a weird turn of events? Unfortunately the Riders are just not that lucky.

2. God, please let the Canucks miss the playoffs. My Leafs are going to, and it would only be right if all the people around me (okay, none of the people around me – because they could care less about hockey, but they ones I pass everyday on the street) are miserable as well.

3. CBC’s miniseries on Tommy Douglas has reignited my political passions. The miniseries was much too warm and fuzzy. Come on, Tommy Douglas must have had a dark side. He was a politician for crying out loud.
I did miss half an hour of Part II because all of central Vancouver went dark (and this after I had a voice lesson in the dark last week…), so I might have missed something that would make me retract my statement. But I doubt it. I did go out and buy a Tommy Douglas biography, though. I must have been the only 23 year girl out on a Monday night at Chapters, looking at books of Tommy Douglas.

That’s all I feel like commenting on. That’s all I want to comment on. Though I will say that having non-stop curling for the past couple of weeks has been great. And now that it’s not dark at 6:00, it feels like spring might actually be coming…


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