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I was watching “Arrested Development” today when George Michael stated the above quote. Is that not the story of my life? The minute I start having ‘fun’ everything goes to hell.

Exactly one week ago I was going to write a blog about how I felt everything was humming along, in its place and life couldn’t be better. I didn’t write it lest I jinx that feeling. I should have written it because the feeling’s gone.

You know, for once in my life I’d like for something to be easy. For something to involve no work. For things to just fall into my lap instead of me having to search them out. I am so tired of hunting around for things and getting nowhere. Would something just work out for once!!!!


Time for bed. Wake me up when my “life is peachy” feeling is back…


This is ridiculous. It was +6 last week and now it’s -20. What gives? I’d forgotten how extreme Saskatchewan can be. I’m seriously questioning my sanity in moving back here, but I’ll just deal with the weather. I like it here too much. 🙂

Not a whole lot is new. I start my Walmart orientation tomorrow. Money is good. It’s probably just going to be me watching videos. Nothing too intensive.

I’ve finished all of my essays. That is a big relief. I actually like writing essays because I learn best that way. I hardly remember notes I’ve taken in class, but to take a specific subject and study it indepth is the most valuable – to me at least. I have two more little assignments due next week, and after that – it’s finals…

I’m getting a Christmas tree! My Mom ordered a new one, so I get our old one. I’m so excited! And we’re going to divide up the old ornaments, too. I love our old tree. It has a ‘Christmas smell’ to it. And I have my first little house. You know those little houses they sell that if you buy all of them end up being a Christmas village? They light up inside. I feel like a grown-up because now I can start my own collection.

Because it’s supposed to storm tonight I’m thinking about having a big nap this afternoon, doing a little bit of reading. And I’m thinking about popping some popcorn, watching a DVD and relaxing. Sounds good to me…

In a lot of ways this is a week I would like to forget. I just about flipped my car, just about got plowed into by someone who couldn’t see my big boat of a car coming through a green light and decided to try and turn left, I had two essays due, plus two assignments, the Riders lost, and on and on. But there were reasons to smile in between; reasons that made each day a little easier.

On Thursday I received a phone call from someone I haven’t seen or heard from in about 5 years. Shannon and I spent hours and hours together at church camp years ago; we were inseperable. On Thursday I found out Shannon is still in Saskatoon – and now I am, too. We arranged to go out last night with her sister Carmen, who hung around with us, too.

I have to say I was nervous about meeting them. It had been such a long time and I’ve changed a lot – mostly on the outside, though, because when the three of us got together, it was like we were kids again. We had so much fun, especially when we went bowling. Bowling! I haven’t bowled in such a long time. And I’d never been glow-bowling before. We’d like to go play laser tag one weekend, and we’re planning on hanging out now that we’re all in the same city. What a great way to spend a Saturday night!

Right now I’m watching the Grey Cup game. I’ve written about 5 pages of my essay so far; only another 5 to go. It’s due on Tuesday. Not too bad for it only being 7:40. Especially since I only started writing at about 3:00. I’d like to turn the TV off because I don’t really want to watch, but I feel compelled, even forced. It’s a tradition. I was going to have a Grey Cup party this year, but obviously that didn’t happen. There’s always next year…

And on that note I’d better get back to my essay. Unfortunately essays can’t wait until next year…

That was one of the scarier drives home I have experienced.

I was babysitting my cousins tonight. They live in Warman, which is a 15 minute drive from Saskatoon. The weather forecast was not looking good; there was a chance of freezing rain and the possibility of snow/rain later on in the evening. Plus, the wind was howling, creating the possibility of drifts.

The drive out was fine. No problem. The drive home was another story.

Seeing no rain or ice on my car I assumed the drive would be fine. I settled into my car, turned on the radio and happily drove off. I turned onto the highway. I tested the pavement to see if it was icy at all – no problem. I started to speed up and I began swerving. It was as if I was in a bumper car. I was sure I was going to hit the ditch; it was only a matter of time. But I eventually got the car under control, and after catching my breath, continued home.

The roads weren’t great. There were drifts everywhere and in a few places the wind was blowing so hard I could hardly see the road. Once I got into the city everything was better. I skidded while trying to turn onto my street from Clarence, but other than that, the rest of the ride was without incident.

I can’t get over the feeling of the car swerving, though. I wasn’t going very fast at the time. The only thing I can think is that I caught a bit of ice with my tires, and a gust of wind caused the car to swerve. It was the oddest thing. I’m still a bit shaken.

Now that I’ve written down what happened and my essays are printed, I think I can go to sleep. But I’m taking the bus to school tomorrow. I need a break from driving…

I really don’t have anything to say. I’m just avoiding homework.

I’m watching Entertainment Tonight right now. Why? I don’t know. They’re showing Anna Nicole Smith’s C-section. This is news? Anna Nicole’s speech is quite slurred in this video. Hmmm…

Now we’re on to Brad Pitt. He’s back in Hollywood to premiere his latest movie, ‘Babel’. I want to see the movie. It has lots of buzz. And Cate Blanchett is in the movie. I love her.

And now we’re on to Desperate Housewives. I watched the supermarket shooting last night. It’s the 2nd episode I’ve watched this season, and I probably won’t watch anymore. I mostly just wanted to see who died. Cruel? Yes. But it’s just a TV show.

Tom Cruise wedding update. Jim Carrey is on the guest list. Woo hoo. He would be an interesting wedding reception Master of Ceremonies, though…

Demi Moore. She’s being interviewed about her upcoming movie, ‘Bobby’. It’s a movie directed by Emilio Estevez. It got a lot of critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival if I’m correct. And Moore sings. Based on the clip, I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Oh no. Another ‘investigation’ into the world of not-so-pretty women. Do we really have to see this? I think we all know what’s going to happen. First, Vanessa Minillo is dressed as a blonde, then as an overweight brunette with braces. Can you say, ‘sensationalism’?

And now we’re into commericals. Thank goodness. But after the break we’re going to be treated to Sara Evans, Kirstie Alley and the actual birth of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby. I could really just watch the Life network if I wanted to see that.

And we’re back. That Borat movie was first at the box office this weekend. I have no idea what it’s about.

Sara Evans. She’s singing at the Country Music Association Awards tonight. I hope she’s better than she was at the last awards show she sang at. Wow, she was brutal. Off-key. It was painful.

Nicole Ritchie was spotted this weekend. Has she put on weight? Can’t tell.

CSI: Miami gets more gruesome. A guy loses his head during a drag race. I won’t be watching.

Mark Burnett now has an online competition. It’s called Gold Rush. Okay. Will this reality stuff ever end? Ooh, Kevin Federline makes an appearance as a clue. Wow. He’s a terrible rapper.

Yet another commerical break. After the break we’ll watch the Naked News broadcast from the Brooklyn Bridge, Kirstie Alley in a bikini on Oprah, and at last (oh I’m SOOOO excited [sarcasm]), we’ll see Anna Nicole Smith give birth.

I have to say, I’d rather watch E-Talk than ET. But I’ll only watch E-Talk if Ben Mulroney is nowhere around. Tanya Kim is a far better host. She doesn’t fidget.

I HATE the ‘hands-in-my-pockets’ commercials. More sensationalism. Let’s just see how weird we can be. I’m not impressed.

Now we’re on to Kirstie Alley. She’s flaunting her new body on Oprah. You know, good for her that she’s lost the weight, but if any woman thinks it’s that easy, she’s wrong. Alley had a personal trainer, personal diet consultant, and on and on.

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for – a baby! It must be a slow news day. Her skin is orange. That can’t be right. And she doesn’t want the incision to affect her tatoo. Now Anna Nicole is watching the tape of the birth. She says, “It felt like God and Jesus were playing tug-of-war with the devil and my insides” (paraphrase). You know, Anna Nicole is freaking out on the tape, and if I was her, I would have popped my spouse, throwing that videocamera across the room. Pay attention to her! She’s having your baby! Wow, they used a big forceps to pull the baby’s head out. That can’t be good. This has been a five-minute feature, and I’m completely turned off childbirth. I want lots and lots of drugs when I have my kids. But wait – tomorrow we’re going to observe the first moments of Anna Nicole and her baby. Bring it on!

Another break. Hopefully the last one. I can’t take this anymore. But I’m going to get through this. I really need to have some supper. I haven’t eaten anything since 10:00 this morning. Not sure how that happened.

Not another Christmas commercial. It’s WAY too early. Put them away! I love Christmas, but the commercials should wait at least until American Thanksgiving.

Hey! There’s Warren Dean, Global weatherguy with the world’s most useless invention – a leaf-blower! Why pay $200 for something that blows air? Get a rake!

Aw, it’s Sally Field’s birthday today. Happy 60th Sally!

The Naked News on the Brooklyn Bridge. Apparently the Naked News phenomenon came from Canada. Aren’t I proud. And why aren’t there any naked guys?

Mary Hart and Mark Steines have signed off. Don’t forget, there’s more Anna Nicole Smith tomorrow!

I’m sorry if you’ve actually read this blog. I’m almost ashamed I wrote it. Oh well. Now I REALLY need to get to work. This is Nicole Hamm, reporting for Nicola’s, signing off…

Ah ha! If you’re observant you’ll notice the template change. I had trouble adding links with the other, so I switched to one where I didn’t need to add them. All I had to do was change them. Besides, change is good.

I am debating whether or not I should go to tutorial tomorrow morning. I’m in the studying mood right now, and don’t want to ruin it by going to bed. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I guess I need to review the Dixie Chicks concert. In one word: amazing. I saw Melissa Etheridge in Portland this past June, and that was a great concert. But I didn’t know a lot of the material, so most of it was lost on me, which was too bad. But I knew pretty much every song at this concert. I’m a ‘recent’ Dixie Chicks convertt, only really beginning to listen to them when they came out with their bluegrass album, ‘Home’. On Thursday night I witnessed what true musicians they are, from violin, to mandolin, to banjo and every type of guitar in between. I felt like I was listening to a CD – that’s how good they were.

I was thanful that there wasn’t a lot of politicking. I’m paying for music, not propaganda. ‘Not Ready to Make Nice’ got a standing ovation, and the Chicks seemed a bit taken aback at the response. I got goosebumps, and because of my cynical ear, I don’t get those too often.

To sum up, it was a great experience, and I’ll gladly go see them again.

The weekend was okay. I went home to Rosthern on Friday for my Aunt Delores’ funeral, stayed the night, was woken up at 5:00 am by Sadie, went to church, was fed lunch by my Grandma and retreated back to the city to do homework. And homework. And more homework.
I had to read Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ for my Women Studies class. I’d never read anything by Atwood, and avoided her novels, for no other particular reason than I thought she was weird. I think I can now say I was greatly misinformed. ‘Tale’ is a strange novel, but it makes its points clearly and provocatively. I’ll read more of Atwood’s work, but not now. I need to recover from this one first.

Today I did more homework (I have 3 essays due in the next 2 1/2 weeks on top of my other readings, summaries, etc.). I then went to Michelle’s where she, Jessica and I watched the ____ beat the Stamps (for an explanation of the ____, see my sports blog). Then I came home, made a few phone calls, had some supper and now I’m procrastinating a little by updating this here blog.

And now I need to get back to work. Feminism is calling…

You’re all lucky I didn’t write this an hour ago.

An hour ago I was extremely cranky (even for me), not feeling well and just downright miserable. Things have considerably improved since then. Drugs are good.

The first reason I was miserable was because I was cold. I had to put on my toque this morning. Luckily my hair underneath was okay.

The second reason was because my brother and sister are sometimes useless. I’m not going to explain why, because I’m over it now.

The third reason? I felt awful. I was tempted to leave during my second class.

Fourth reason – I got home and checked my messages. Getting references is not as easy as it used to be. I had to write a letter of consent and fax it. What a pain in the ass. I was not happy.

Fifth reason – When you recall a book, the person who has it is supposed to bring it back. But the person who has the book that my ENTIRE Women’s Studies essay is based on has yet to return it. I had to finally go and buy the book today. I hate that person.

Reason number six was that the above faxing cut into my nap time. I need it today.

Reason number seven – I needed to call a few people and I couldn’t get a hold of anybody.

Reason number eight – When I got in my car to drive home from school (I park at Michelle and Jeff’s so I don’t have to pay for parking, and then I only have to walk 15 minutes instead of half an hour when it’s cold) I turned on the radio and heard some guy describing the symptoms of PMS for men. I just about screamed. PMS for men? You have got to be kidding me. The rage inside of me is already bubbling, so I’m not going to say anymore, but let’s jut say that considering how I was feeling, I did not want to hear about how men get cranky with no physical effects.

But the Dixie Chicks are here, I’ve got things sorted out, had a little chocolate, and now it’s time to nap. I need to be in the dancing mood for tonight, so I’d better have a little rest. I’ll give you my review sometime this weekend. Right now, I’d have to say this is my ‘Favourite Year’…


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