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You know those days when you just cry for no reason? I had one of those yesterday. Not fun.

Today is better, though. I did a little shopping for Kirstin’s wedding today, went to school, and now I’m sitting at home, looking forward to spending an ENTIRE evening at home. This might not sound like a big deal, but I cannot remember the last evening I was at home.


And it’ll be a long evening. I was stupid and decided to have a nap at 5:30. I woke up at 8:00. Smart move…

But I did get to watch part of the finale of “American Idol.” One word: saccharine.

I have to get something off my chest – or, mind…

I was listening to NewsTalk 650 this morning on the radio, as I usually do. I like to listen to the news and whatnot. At 8:30 John Gormley comes on the air. I can’t stand Gormley at all, and think most of his listeners are right-wing conservatives, and it shows.

I happened to snooze for a bit this morning, so when the radio came back on again, Gormley & Co. were talking about the recent abandonment of a baby boy in a Walmart in Prince Albert. The only people calling in were men, who repeatedly chastised the behaviour of the woman who left her baby in the toilet.

Now, I don’t believe in abandoning babies, especially not in a toilet. But it was clear from the comments of the all-male callers that they felt this woman should be hanged for her actions.

I could not believe my ears.

Have any of these 40-50 year old men had a baby? It’s biologically impossible. Do they have any idea what this girl must have gone through? She had this baby on her own, and became so utterly desperate, for whatever reason, that she left the baby in the washroom.

I have not had a child. I cannot imagine the fear I would feel if I were to discover right now that I was pregnant.

I don’t think Gormley’s show is a true cross-section of Saskatchewan people. Small ‘l’ liberals generally don’t listen to him, and neither do a lot of women. But I found some of the caller’s comments disturbing, and have felt the same in the past during other debates, namely around homosexual marriage.

There’s the old adage in the Bible that goes something like this: don’t worry about the sawdust in your neighbour’s eye when you’ve got a big ass plank in your own. I am paraphrasing.

We ought to be offering help to this woman and to other women out there trying to go through pregnancy on their own. We need to create a law where women can drop off their newborns without fear of retribution. We need to be more proactive.


Can’t a girl have any secrets?

I have received complaints about my last post, people telling me that I can’t say I had a weird week and not say why. Well, I don’t “kiss and tell.” Suffice it to say that I had an odd experience. It’s done, it’s dealt with, the outcome has left a little weirdness, but such is life.

Moving on…

That wasn’t much of a long weekend. I worked the entire time. But I did get to see Shrek 3. It’s okay.

I have no awful customer experiences as of late. But I am always amazed at the tactics some customers will stoop to in order to get what they want. And some are just dumb. A lady came in today with just the bottoms of a swimsuit she bought LAST summer. She has no tags, no receipt – nothing. And I’m supposed to take it back. As if. After much haggling and phoning, I was able to finally offer the woman $1.00. She was not amused. Neither was I. We left on amicable terms, though. My frustration is people’s inability to keep receipts. Come on, people. That’s what a wallet is for. Or people who buy something and throw out the box right away. Then they bring back a product in garbage bags and I’m supposed to just put it back on the shelf. Right. The lack of responsibility people show is astounding at times. And some people are so cheap.

My favourite customer today was one who looked exactly like Betty White off of “The Golden Girls.” I did a double take when I first saw her. The resemblance was amazing. And she was so cute and sweet.

The good news is that I have 4 days of school, and then no classes next week – yeah! And Allie’s coming to crash at my house next week, and Kirstin’s wedding is this weekend! I’ll be so broke by next week, but such is life.

I guess I should head to bed. 8:00 is going to come very early…

I should really be in the shower, getting ready for work. But I’m so tired.

The store was open until midnight yesterday because it was Child Tax Credit day, formerly known as Family Allowance day. Apparently there was the expectation that because city schools were closed yesterday and it was the beginning of the long weekend that we’d be busy and people would want to shop.

There were 32 people in the store between 10:00 and midnight.

But there were 2 very special people in the store. A couple with month-old twin girls came into the store looking for a double stroller. I think they were acting as foster parents for the girls. But I got to hold one of the babies for a good 20 minutes while we tried to find this stroller for them. I was in heaven. I cannot wait to have my own kids someday. This just put my maternal instincts into overdrive. The little baby I held was named Alyssa, and she was so cute. She slept most of the time, opening her eyes once in awhile. And while she was sleeping, it was obvious she was dreaming, as she would furrow her brow one minute, and then smile the next. Nothing melts my heart more than a little baby…

Other than last night’s reverie, this week was so weird – so very weird. Definitely one for Nicole’s Record Book.

And on that note, it’s time to hit the showers…

Oh dear.

So my “high” moment from work the other night as certainly gone around the store. Everybody thinks it’s rather amusing. No harm done.

But the jokes are incessant.

Today I had a to take a lawnmower to the automotive department because the people who returned it forgot to take the gas out of it. I was on a break, so I wasn’t there to say, “You need to drain the gas and oil before you return it.”

Anyway, the boys were reluctant to help because they like to make my life difficult. I don’t exactly make their lives easy, either, though. After they resisted and made excuses, they finally did helped me out and drained the lawnmover. Then they gave the pail the gas was in to me and said, “Here, Nicole. We heard you like to sniff things for fun.”

This is what I get for being a good employee and risking my own health. This is how I’m treated.

But I would have made the same joke had it not been me. I should have seen it coming. Oh well…

It’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m listening to the incomparable Sarah Vaughan murmur “They say that falling in love is wonderful…”

I just got back from Spiderman 3, which was good. Not fantastic. Not superb. Good. I liked the darkness of it, but there were some parts and storylines I could have done without, while they could have developed others. Visual effects were stunning as always. The ending, though – lame.

The past 24 hours have also been memorable for another reason.

I got high at work.


Somebody spilled an entire bottle of nail polish behind my desk tonight. I had to clean it up, and the only thing that would take it off was nail polish remover. I had to use an entire bottle, and without knowing it, I got a little high.

I couldn’t stop laughing for a solid hour. I made a complete ass of myself, making stupid jokes, mixing up words, and laughing at things that just weren’t funny, and had a headache later on. Everybody in the store was killing themselves laughing at me and my loopiness.

THIS IS WHY I DON’T DRINK! I was soooo silly. And pale. My eyes were glossed over. Oh, I was a mess for awhile. First time it’s ever happened, and hopefully the last time. Luckily, it all cleared before Spiderman 3 tonight.

And it does make for one good story…

I just got back from the 20th anniversary viewing of “Dirty Dancing” at the Capitol Theatre. I forgot how much I love that movie. I even gleaned some social commentary from it this time around.

Today was my one day off from work. I worked 9 in a row, and starting tomorrow, it’s another 5 in a row. And school starts again on Monday.

Michelle has moved in with me now, but not for long. I checked our phone messages when I got home tonight. It seems she got the suite she was looking at today. Grandma was congratulating her on getting it, so I’m ASSUMING she got it.

I’m sad that I haven’t had any time to watch hockey the past week and a half. Sigh. Only a month until Rider training camp…

Listening to and love:
Kate Walsh “Talk of the Town”
Martina McBride and Keith Urban “Trying to Find a Reason”
Amanda Wilkinson “Hearts Open Slowly”
Faith Hill “Stealing Kisses”


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