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I downloaded Miranda Lambert’s new CD this week. Some of her songs are a little twangy for my country taste, but she writes killer hooks, and her lyrics are intriguing, since she has an interesting way at looking at the mundane things of everyday life. I love her and her music to bits and pieces.

Today has been a good day. I went to class, got my essay back – a 92! Woo hoo! I was a little stunned, especially since I thought the essay wasn’t that good. Shows how much I know. The whole headings thing really worked. I will definitely be using it in my next POLS paper. The final is on Friday afternoon, and it’s not comprehensive: only from the midterm on. I really loved this class. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t look at politics in Latin America or Southeast Asia, but maybe I’ll do that on my own.

I’m enjoying my first evening at home this week. And my ‘guilty pleasure’ is on: So You Think You Can Dance. I became addicted to this show last year, because you have to have talent to survive. It’s not like Idol, where you can sing crappily and still survive. Plus, you have to have versatility on Dance. You have to be able to krump, quick step, meringue, contemporary – the whole nine yards. On Idol, you just have to be able to deliver some pop tunes. Can you imagine Idol singers having to do Broadway one week, folk another, jazz another and followed by some classical? I don’t think so. I appreciate the show’s willingness to reach out to the public and educate it about different dance styles. People now know what a choreographer’s role is, what a judge is talking about when they refer to a person’s ‘frame.’ That doesn’t happen on Idol. No one understands what falsetto is, chest voice. Not even the judges.

Work is good. This past weekend was fun, with two customers threatening Walmart with lawsuits because we wouldn’t take back their broken products. One guy came in with a bike. I told him we only offered repair service, and he was fine with that. He came back 5 minutes later and wanted an exchange instead. After some haggling, my supervisor agreed. Another 5 minutes later he came back, demanding his money and threatening to sue us. The other guy had no receipt for a BlueTooth headset, and said that if we didn’t do something, he’d have to get his company lawyer involved because he used it for work. But there were a couple of other people I was able to turn down. One guy brought in a bike with no receipt. Another was a guy with a lawnmower. He had clearly used it numerous times, but only decided now that he was unhappy with it. He had his receipt, but I couldn’t take it back. We can’t sell a used lawnmower. If it’s broken, that’s a little different. We’ll fix it. Anyway, this guy stared me down, trying to make me budge. I didn’t. He wasn’t very happy. Another guy wanted to return a 3 phone set with no receipt. Sorry. I can’t believe some people. When frustrating customers leave, I just think to myself, “Thank God I don’t have to live with them.”


The title is from a tune in the musical “Spring Awakening,” which won the Tony for Best Musical on Sunday night. I highly suggest checking out the soundtrack. Good stuff.

And now for the reason behind the title. I am very pissed off at this moment. Last night I came home after a long night at work. I wore a new black jumper I bought the day before. Underneath, I wore a white shirt. My favourite white shirt. When I took off the jumper, I thought my white shirt looked a little funny. I only had my little lamp on, though, so I attributed it to the lighting. But then I turned on my big light and found that my white shirt is now a purplish color where it was covered by my jumper. I’m not impressed. I was going to throw it straight in the washing machine, but of course there were still clothes in it from 3 days before when the upstairs people came down to do their laundry. It’s been THREE days. Not happy.

THEN, today I walked back to my car after class, and I saw a parking ticket as I approached. I was a little mad that I’d have to spend $6.00, since I’d only been parked 2 hours and 10 minutes, when the sign says 2 hours allowed, but sucked it up. But when I picked up the parking ticket, I found that it was $50.00 (FIFTY!) *&^#ing dollars. WTF? It said that I had parked in a zone where parking was prohibited. There’s a No Parking sign right beside the 2 hour sign, and half of my car was in the 2 hour sign, the other half in the no parking. I thought I’d be okay because I wasn’t blocking a driveway, fire hydrant or anything, and there was still a full car-length behind me to the curb. I’m getting a $50.00 parking ticket for nothing! $50.00!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHGGHGGGHGHGHGHGHGHGH! And you know when they give you the ticket and beside the fine in little letters it says, “Pay $6.00 if within 14 days of ticket issue date.” That doesn’t apply to my ticket. Beside my $50.00, in big red letters, it says, “No reduction allowed.” So that’s $50.00 I don’t have, a $40.00 shirt possibly ruined, and I’ll be pissed off for the rest of the day. What the hell?

I know I usually post when I’m bitchy, sad, confused or stressed, so for once I’m going to post while I’m actually in a good mood – wow!

And why am I in a good mood today?

1. Decent midterm.
2. I remembered I had chocolate stashed in my house. 🙂
3. I had a 2 1/2 hour nap.
4. The Senators LOST! Mwah ha ha ha ha!
5. “Jericho” was renewed.
6. The Senators LOST!
7. And, I’ve been home an ENTIRE evening, which is unprecedented as of late.

The only snag in my day has been my inability to access For some reason it won’t let me log in, which means I can’t do my crossword puzzle. But that’s okay. In light of all of the good things that have happened today, not doing my crossword puzzle is minor.

To those of you wishing I would post to my other blogs, I’m sorry. I’ve got a bunch of articles marked as ‘Favourites’ that I’m slowly getting through and will eventually post. And I’ve hardly had time to watch the news, so my knowledge about how the Riders’ training camp is progressing is too limited to make commentary of quality (though is my commentary ever of any actual quality? An interesting question…). And the Riders are in town on Saturday. I plan on popping over to Griffiths Stadium to watch them scrimmage.

Anyway, I need to go and do some reading before bed. And watch the Daily Show…

Oh how I procrastinate.

I sure have a midterm tomorrow, and I sure haven’t studied a whole hell of a lot. I just spent 3 hours going through my notes, though. I guess that’s a start. But it’s 10:30, and I really should learn the 5 stages of development strategies in the developing world. I could probably give a general outline, but I’d like to do a little better than that…

Today I went to class in the morning and then went out for lunch with my family. Jeff convocated today with his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with Distinction. I’m so darn proud of him!

Then I came home and had a nap. A good long nap. And then I putzed around on my computer. And then I studied.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow – not that today was bad. But tomorrow I can come home straight after class and sleep. And the rest of the day is MINE!

Listening to and love:
“There’s Hope” India.Arie
“The Nearness of You” Norah Jones
“Back to Me” Kathleen Edwards
“Paralyzer” Finger Eleven
“My Moon My Man”, “1234” Feist
“It’s My Life” Bon Jovi
“A Real Fine Place” Sara Evans

That was the title I chose on the way home from work yesterday, when I was madder than a hornet. It was a really crappy day at work, I was getting screwed on my hours, I was tired, etc.

Today is much better. My hours are back to normal, the night was busy so it went fast. I had a nap. It’s all good.

I do have a midterm on Wednesday, though.

Kirstin’s wedding was over a week ago already – scary! I posted pictures on Facebook, since Hello and Picasa weren’t letting me add them on to here.

Last week Allie stayed with me while she attended Congress at the U of S. We had so much fun, even though we hardly saw each other. And Allie fixed my leaking tap. She’s a genius!

I have a midterm on Wednesday and my paper is due for class on the 22nd. I need to learn about Fijian politics.

And Joel’s moving to Saskatoon in a couple of months! Yeah!

Jeff convocates with his Bachelor of Kinesiology tomorrow – congrats buddy!

Time for bed. I just finished 8 days of work in a row, and now I’ve got two days off. But I’ll spend tomorrow studying and Wednesday writing a midterm. So much for time off. Sigh…


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