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Apparently Americans are a little testy now that our dollar is on par with theirs (if you haven’t seen Stephen Colbert’s bit on this, watch it here).

Seems the Americans had a little get-together today where they blasted Canada’s porous border yet again.

I’m so tired of hearing this. They make us sound like a bigger threat than Iran.

My favourite part, though, was this Senator’s comment:

“With the exception of the U.S., there are more international terrorist organizations active in Canada than anywhere else in the world.”

Now, let’s break this phrase down, particularly the beginning phrase. It says, “With the exception of the U.S.” The US? Who’s that? Oh yeah – that’s those AMERICANS! So, Canada has the most terrorist organizations after – the US! Oh you Americans, you sneaky people! Trying to fool us into thinking we’re oh so dangerous to you, when you’re more dangerous to yourselves.

What they say is true: the only thing an American has to fear is another American.


Plato was actually interesting today. Everything was interesting today. Well, work wasn’t because it was ridiculously slow, but overall the day was intriguing.

Besides the fact that my birthday is next week (hint, hint), there are other reasons I find this time of year so invigorating. It’s TV premiere season!

I know. I need to get out more…

“House” was okay. I’m waiting to see how Foreman, Cameron and Chase come back into the fold. It was kind of boring without them, but having the janitor dressed in the lab coat was pretty funny. “CSI: Miami” was the same as it’s always been. I actually watched “Law and Order: SVU” last night, and I’m pretty sure Cynthia Nixon (remember her from “Sex and the City”) will get an Emmy for her incredible performance as someone who suffered from multiple personalities (but really didn’t – you have to watch it to understand). Tomorrow is “Grey’s Anatomy.” But next week is when all of my favourites return – “Brothers and Sisters,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Men in Trees,” and my favourite of all favourites – “Friday Night Lights!”

I watched the series premiere of “Cane,” and I was intrigued. I’ll probably watch again next week. “Dirty Sexy Money” was on tonight, but I’ll watch it in the morning. “Private Practice” debuted tonight as well, and it was okay. The best change from the hour-long episode in the spring is the recasting of Audra McDonald. She’s one of my all-time favourite singers (FOUR Tonys!) to begin with, but she’s very good in this role. And she plays well off of Kate Walsh. The show is okay, but, meh. I’ll probably watch for Audra more than anything.

But now to important matters. Like football…

I’m rather annoyed at the CFL for fining GM Eric Tillman today. He was fined for making “disparaging” comments about the BC Lions. So? Teams make rude comments about each other all the time. Why was this any different? If teams cannot call out other teams in the press then how do you build rivalries? Doesn’t that kind of talk add to the competition?

My real problem with the decision is that it’s hypocritical. It was Wally Buono, who, back in July, called Fred Perry “dirty,” and appealed to the league to suspend him. The league exonerated Perry, but what happened to Buono? Nothing. At least what Tillman said was true. Two of his offensive linemen were punished by the league this week. Perry was not. And they say Tillman made “disparaging” comments.

And in closing, a memo to Lorne Calvert:

Quit being annoyed by all the election talk. It’s been 4 years since the last one, so it only makes logical sense that the calling of an election is a hot topic right now.

By the way, you need to call one. Postphoning it indefinitely makes you look like many others who have tried to cling on to power. It makes you look desperate. Suck it up and let the voters go to the polls. Waiting is not going to make your poll numbers better. Honestly, the longer you wait, the less votes you’ll hold on to.

Listening to and love:
“1234” by Feist
“Summerlong” by Kathleen Edwards
“Taking Chances” by Celine Dion (I like the new direction she’s going in)
“Little Favours” by KT Tunstall
“Myriad Harbour” by The New Pornographers
“You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do What You’re Told)” by The White Stripes
“Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber (recorded by Leonard Bernstein and the Los Angeles Philharmonic)
Anything by Anna Netrebko – my new favourite soprano

Those of you who know me well are aware of my 72-hour mourning phase that occurs after significant losses by my Riders or Leafs.

It’s almost 72 hours now since the Riders were stunned by the Lions on Saturday night, and I’m still shaking my head. The walk down the umpteen ramps of Mosaic Stadium that night was unbearably quiet. You could tell everyone was thinking, “What just happened?” as if it must have been a dream.

But it wasn’t.

A few points:

1. This loss was NOT Kerry Joseph’s fault! Anytime your team puts up 30+ points, you should be able to win. Andy Fantuz had a fantastic game. And Joseph threw for 350+ yards. Yes KJ overthrew Fantuz late in the game, but we were up by 5 at that point. The defence should have been able to hold the Lions.

2. We have not often talked about the Riders’ special teams this year because they’ve been decent. This was not the case on Saturday. A blocked punt and a huge return by Ian Smart directly led to two TDs the Lions didn’t really have to work for. Minus those two plays and the complexion of the game completely changes.

3. The defence was better. The Lions had approximately 50 yards TOTAL OFFENSE in the first half. But they continue to give up 1st and 20, 3rd and 10 – the plays that have very small conversion percentages. This has been a habitual problem the past number of years, which makes me wonder just what in Richie Hall’s defence have opposing teams found to exploit?

I think Kent Austin’s post-game comments hit the nail on the head: these guys are lacking leadership. The veterans on this team need to step up and show the guys how to get things done. When you need to make a play, you have to make that play. It’s that simple.

Now about the fight at the end of the 1st half…

From my seat in the stadium it was difficult to tell what was going on. You could see Jackson get hit (a hit that reminded me of the one Fred Perry laid on Dave Dickenson earlier in the season) and the ball pop loose. What irritated me was that the referees didn’t blow the whistle right away. They let the players fight for it, which made the on-field action look like a rugby scrum. But without being able to see a replay (and why can’t the MaxTron replay anything?!?!), it was difficult to figure out what happened. I really thought for a second that the fight was going to turn into a brawl as almost the entire Lions bench was on the field for a minute or two. I was happy to see Cory Rodgers ejected, but I didn’t know why.

Since then I’ve been able to view the fight courtesy of CBC’s website (did you know you can watch ENTIRE football broadcasts on their media player? It’s very handy). From viewing that footage, I can honestly say I have no idea why Rodgers was disqualified. Sherko Haji-Rasouli, on the other hand, should have been. His ‘version’ of what happened on the field yesterday was laughable. Rob Murphy should probably have been gone as well, as it looked like he had John Chick down on the ground by the throat. But, it was difficult to tell if that was what actually happened, so I’m willing to let that one go.

The league needs to step up this week and suspend Haji-Rasouli. Punching, kicking, and ripping off a player’s helmet as no-nos on the football field, and Haji-Rasouli knows that. I believe we’ll see him suspended, but will he appeal it as AJ Gass did and not have to sit out at all? I hope not. The Gass incident completely undermined the authority of Commissioner Mark Cohon. Why have a commissioner if he has no power?

Whatever happens, the war of words between Riders GM Eric Tillman and Lions coach Wally Buono will likely escalate as the season continues. I sure hope we meet the Lions in the playoffs, because the soundbites leading up to the game will be worth the price of admission by themselves.


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