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I’m beat. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep lately. I’m currently trying to decide whether I should have a nap or get working on those two essays due next week. Tough decision.

Melanie and I went to see ‘Rendition’ last night, which was brilliant. The torture scenes were gripping, keeping my eyes glued to the screen, my heart and mind riveted to the inexplicable suffering. Go see the movie. It’ll make you think, like all good movies should.

Tonight is the provicinal leaders’ debate. I’m looking forward to it. Joel Version One is coming over to watch it with me. He can help me dissect it for my blog.

Speaking of blogs, NewsTalk is apparently impressed with my work, and has invited me back on the radio for Friday afternoon’s People’s Panel at 1:00 on NewsTalk 650/980. Tune in to the Murray Wood Show and listen for my oh so humble opinions. I really enjoyed the last time I was on, and hopefully I’ll be a little less nervous and make more solid points.

Mom and I tried our best to get Rider playoff tickets yesterday, but no dice. We both tried online, and then Mom tried by phone, but it was a lost cause. But that’s okay. Next year I think we’re going to buy Flex Packs so that we’re guaranteed playoff tickets. I’m thinking that home playoff games are going to become an annual event in this province…

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Oh how I wish I could escape the city for a weekend.

I work AGAIN this weekend. That’s every weekend this month. How’s that fair when I’m supposed to have every 2nd weekend off? But that’s a rant for another day, and one which is in the process of being dealt with.


This week I basically played ‘catch-up.’ I caught up on all of my geography modules, I’m almost caught up with my Aboriginal policy class, and I’m slowly catching up on everything else. Slowly.

My family and I are going to try and get Rider home playoff game tickets on Monday. I doubt we’ll get any, but it’s worth a try!

My appearance on the radio last Friday went well. My Grandpa was very proud and impressed, and since he’s a pretty intelligent, articulate man himself, I took it as a huge compliment. I’ve been a little slow blogging this week, but some other things had to take precedence. I posted a blog about the rural-urban split in Saskatchewan, so check it out. I think it’s an okay read.

I had the chance to attend the FSIN (Federation of Saskatchewan Indians) Assembly on Wednesday and hear the leaders talk. The Chiefs had very pointed questions, and the leaders basically promised to listen. So much for promises. I was going to go to an election assembly on campus this morning, but I only woke up at 10:30. The event started at 11:00. Needless to say, I didn’t quite make it.

I don’t really have any interesting stories or rants today. I just suggest that you check out Roy MacGregor’s columns in The Globe and Mail this past week, as he’s written about the provincial election. It’s good stuff.

Listening to and love:
“As If” by Sara Evans
“Carnival Ride” by Carrie Underwood – complete and utter fluff, and Underwood has no other volume than loud, but the tunes are catchy and easy to listen to
“Drastic Fantastic” – KT Tunstall
“Raising Sand” – Robert Plant and Allison Krauss – such a weird combo, but it works. Well.
“Seven Day Fool” – Jully Black – not sure about the feminist message in this one, but a great tune nonetheless.
“The Reminder” – Feist – have I mentioned how much I LOVE this album?!?!
“Welcome to the Night Sky” – Wintersleep

$10,000? Seriously?

The CFL has gone overboard. This is ridiculous. First our guys get ejected for minor infractions compared to the rodeo at Taylor Field with the Lions last month, and now the Riders get saddled with a big fine for making, once again, “disparaging comments toward the league.”

Can’t anyone complain anymore?

The officiating in this league needs to improve. Everyone knows that, including the league. I agree that we don’t need to point it out on a weekly basis, but I also think that teams should be able to voice their concerns in public when they don’t believe they are being treated fairly. And right now, the Riders aren’t being treated fairly.

Yes, Abou-Mechrek and Jones should not have acted the way they did upon being ejected. The team admits that, and so do the players. But the league should admit that its officials made a mistake in ejecting them in the first place. You can’t tell me that what they did on the field was even close to the actions of Rasouli and Murphy a couple of weeks ago. Give me a break.

At the very least it makes for an interesting week in Riderville. Goodness knows the election campaign is far from exciting.

Speaking of which, my 3rd blog entry is up at I’m going to post one again soon about post-secondary education. I’ll also be on NewsTalk Radio 650 (or 980 if you’re closer to Regina) at 1:00, on the Murray Wood Show’s election people’s panel. I hope I say something intelligent. Or at least not make a fool of myself…

Travis and I were talking about country music today and I neglected to mention one of my favourite groups – Little Big Town. Two guys, two girls, four part harmony. Good stuff.

Anyway, my Riders are on a winning streak. And today’s game was a little bit mean, too. Should make for any exciting match-up next week back at Taylor Field.

There was a fight in the 3rd quarter, and I missed it. I tried to keep tabs on the game as best I could, but work was steady enough to keep me away from the radio. I only heard about the fight when I watched the highlights on TSN at 10:30 tonight. I’ll have to tune in to CTV tonight to see the postgame comments. They didn’t show any on TSN because they were way too busy gushing over Henry Burris’ 5 TD performance this afternoon. Excuse me while I go and throw up…

So, here are my notes on the game:

Kerry Joseph: To all you people out there who for some unknown reason keep suggesting that Joseph needs to be benched, will you all finally SHUT UP?!?! The guy has thrown for 300+ yards how many times this season? I can’t find the stats right now, but it’s been quite a few times, including 392 yards today. Add to that another 32 yards rushing. The man is taking this team on his shoulders and getting it done. To all of you naysayers I ask you: would you rather have Nealon Greene, who was lucky if he got 200 yards a game? Would you rather, oh, I don’t know – Rocky Butler? Get off this guy’s back already. He’s the first true 1st rate starting quarterback we’ve had in this province in awhile. Be thankful for once. And in case you didn’t gather from the above that I’m a big KJ fan, I am. Kerry, thank you. You sure put up with a lot of crap from the Rider ‘Nation.’ Just remember, your coach has been there. He’s got all of the advice you’ll ever need.

Andy Fantuz: BUDDY! If only you’d played ALL season like you have the past few weeks, you’d probably be leading the league in receiving yards! You’re only 77 away as it stands right now from your 1st 1000 yard receiving year. Congrats! It’s amazing how far you’ve come in the last half of the season. And thank you for stepping up and filling the big shoes of Matt Dominguez. You’ve taken advantage of the opportunity, as all good players do. You’re a shoe-in for your 3rd Canadian Player of the Week award.

Offensive Line: Well, I haven’t seen the full footage of the skirmish that occurred in the 3rd quarter, but I will soon. Apparently Mike Abou-Mechrek’s dance after the Kerry Joseph rushing TD is worth it. I’m not sure why we had 2 O-linemen thrown out. We were just protecting our QB. Hmmm. Sounds like a certain melee that occurred a couple of weeks ago between the Lions and Riders. And how many BC O-linemen were kicked out of that game? Hmmm. I think it was, well… Just wait. Oh, that’s right! There weren’t ANY thrown out! They decided to kick out a RECEIVER. Someone who did NOTHING WRONG! It’s all coming back to me now… Anyway, thanks for keeping the O-line together following the ejections, guys.
Defence: I was not too thrilled with your efforts in the 1st half of the game there. Especially when you let Hamilton lead for a few seconds. You guys need to pull yourselves together the last couple of games. Calgary looked (oh it pains me to say this) very good today. Their receivers are hitting their stride. If Copeland does one of his stupid dances on our home turf in November, I will personally be coming down to Taylor Field to hunt you all down. Count on it.

Special teams: Hey, no punt returns for TDs for a change! Luca was good on his field goal, Jamie did his punting thing. Keep up the good work, team.

Coach Austin: I was trying to lip-read what you were saying to ref Andre Proulx, but it was a little difficult. Could you maybe give us a transcript of what was said? I’d like a copy. Anyway, tell Richie Hall to shore up the defence, keep your QB and receivers doing what they’re doing, give Cates the ball a little bit more, get Corey in the offence some more (or maybe you’re saving that little wrinkle for the playoffs), and SHORE UP YOUR DEFENCE. Defence wins championships, my friend, and ours is not championship material as of yet. But our offence sure as hell is!

My first blog at is up, so check it out! I’m working on tomorrow’s and hope to have it up tomorrow afternoon!


Well team, I’ve got a new gig for the next month or so.

I’ll be blogging for NewsTalk Radio for the next couple weeks during the election campaign, so, you will be saved from my political ramblings for about four weeks. You can check out what I have to say at Just click on blogs, and you’ll see me there. I posted my first one tonight.


I’ll also be on the radio (can you believe it?!?!) on NewsTalk on Friday afternoons around 1:00 pm. Crazy, huh?

You’re probably wondering what happened. Well, I check out the NewsTalk website daily to check on Saskatchewan news, and the latest on the Riders, as it’s a good source for both. I came upon a banner that asked for citizen bloggers. I applied, wrote them a little bit about who I am, what I do and what I think about the upcoming election, and they selected me.

I’m rather nervous about this all, wondering what people will think. I’m going to try my darndest not to read the comment sections, but we’ll see how long that actually lasts. Maybe I’ll only read them after the election…

Anyway, despite my anxiety, I’m extremely excited and honored to have been selected to participate. I will try and post here, too, for the 2 or 3 people who actually read this thing, but do know that the last time I tried to blog in two places didn’t go so well. But, I will try.

Wish me luck on this new endeavor of mine, and, if you see someone write something really mean, please defend me!

Today’s title/song is one of my favourites. It’s by Aimee Mann, someone I never would have listened to had one of my friends not suggested her when I was looking for some new music.

If you watch ‘House’ (and you should), you’ll know that House electrocuted himself last night. I wanted to do the same thing yesterday afternoon. My POLS 405 class discussed Senate reform for 2 1/2 hours. I was looking for something to stick in that socket. Anything.

Now, I have no problem with discussing Senate reform – usually. But 2 1/2 hours of it?!?! In desperation, I finally jumped into the conversation and asked, “Does anyone actually believe the Senate will ever be reformed?” Honestly, I don’t believe it will be. PM Stephen Harper is going to try his darndest to implement reforms of some kind (though he’d really like it to vanish if he can’t get what he wants), but I don’t think he’s going to be successful. The rationale for my pessimism is simple: we’ve talked about Senate reform for decades, and yet, nothing has happened. And nothing will.

Stephen Lewis was on ‘The Hour with George Stomboulopoulos‘ last night. I’m a Stephen Lewis follower. If he had a fan club, I’d be it’s president. Maybe I should start one…

Anyway, he and George were talking about celebrity involvement in humanitarian causes. Lewis believes our celebrities are only leaders because of “the absence of political leadership.” Amen to that. I know Angelina Jolie is helping to draw attention to the plight of the world’s most destitute, and that’s great, but the fact that various leaders have met with her and some people actually believe that she’s a source of authority on the subject shows a sad state of political leadership. And as Lewis said, “adopting 4 kids does not solve the problem of 15 million orphans.” No kidding.

Celebrities should be philanthropists. Goodness they have enough money to do it. And the media coverage to help issues gain exposure. But I’m uncomfortable with the public looking to them for political guidance. I’m still shaking my head over Bono’s appearance at the Liberal party convention in 2003 (?) when Paul Martin became Liberal leader/PM. He had no place being at that convention.

Back to Stephen Lewis and his amazing work on behalf of AIDS victims. This year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced this Friday, October 12th. Everyone is talking about Al Gore as a possible winner, who would share his aware with another global warming advocate, Canadian-Inuit Sheila Watt-Cloutier (I’d never heard of her until last week). handicaps this year’s possible winners, and Lewis has odds of 10/1. His odds should be better. He’s a completely worthy candidate. And more so than Gore.

I have no problem with Gore. He should have been President of the US for the past 8 years. I thought ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was very good. Gore’s advocacy of solutions to global warming should be commended. But… I apologize for the lack of tact in the following statement, but I don’t know how else to phrase it: how many people has global warming killed? And should we be giving someone a Peace Prize for combating an issue that not everyone agrees actually exists (not that I personally dispute the evidence)? Though I hesitate to compare two calamities, AIDS currently has far more devastating impacts and consequences than global warming. The AIDS crisis in Africa is far underreported compared to the constant media attention given to global warming (remember the ‘green’ Oscars, the ‘green’ Emmys, ‘Live Earth’?). In other words, AIDS in Africa needs the publicity from a Peace Prize. And Stephen Lewis is one of the few people on this earth who would use that notoriety to shine light on the issue and those affected.

And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to…

It’d better damn well be Stephen Lewis.

Listening to and love:
Feist – ‘The Reminder’
LeAnn Rimes – ‘Family’
Kathleen Edwards – ‘Failer’
Neko Case – ‘Fox Confessor Brings the Flood’
The White Stripes – ‘Icky Thump’

Yes, I will admit that I downloaded Britney’s new song. Maybe it’s just that the trainwreck that is her life is rather fascinating. It’s one of those things that’s so awful that you just can’t look away, for fear that you’ll miss the next explosive detail. It’s a catchy tune. And as a fellow human being, I hope she gets herself together.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. I didn’t actually get to have Thanksgiving with my family. I worked all weekend, and since I had to be at work at 6:30 am on Monday morning, it didn’t make sense for me to go all the way out to Rosthern on Sunday night for 2 hours, only to have to turn around and come right back home. Work was ridiculously slow yesterday. Why we weren’t open only from 10-6 is beyond me.

When I got home yesterday, I watched the 2nd half of the Riders/Stampeders game. I shut it off at the beginning of the 4th quarter, being so nervous that the Riders were going to give the game away, because they would. As Mike Abou-Mechrek noted last week, the Riders need to develop a killer instinct. Rob Vanstone nailed it right on the nose at half-time when he wrote that the Riders were letting Calgary hang around. They should have nailed them when they had the chance. I’ll admit I was leery about the game’s outcome, as it’s these sorts of ‘gimme’ games that are often recipies for disaster. But the Riders pulled it out. Let’s hope they can put away the Ti-Cats the next two weeks and challenge for 1st place.

And because of the Riders’ efforts yesterday, I am the proud winner of a DQ ice cream cake. It makes me hungry just thinking about it. Part of the deal is that it’s decorated however I choose. It’s definitely going to have a big ‘S’ in the middle. And around the perimeter I think it’s going to say the following: “Nicole Wins Every Time.”

End of story.


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