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Two days, two new excellent song finds!! Yesterday was Kathleen Edwards, today was Sia’s “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine.” Brilliant stuff. The CD is titled “Some People Have Real Problems.” I’ve only had the chance to listen to the aforementioned song so far. Will let you know when I hear more. For now, though, here’s her performance on Conan O’Brien.

You know, it’s really difficult getting daily e-mails about all of the fun and sun my Mom is enjoying in Cabo San Lucas everyday when the temperature here hasn’t yet risen above -30 all week. Mom, I love you and I’m glad you’re having a great time, but your e-mails are driving me nuts.

Riders’ release of the popular Corey Holmes. And you know what? I’m okay with it. I’m a little shocked. But paying six figures to a guy who rarely had a kickoff/punt return over 20 yards and was a backup running back is a little excessive. It was a pure salary cap move. I imagine Holmes will be back with the Riders – with a reduced salary.

But that’s the least of our problems, team. The Globe and Mail is running a story tonight, confirmed by Kerry Joseph himself, that KJ is unhappy with the lack of interest the Riders have shown in renegotiating his contract. So, he’s scheduled a workout with the New Orleans Saints. The Globe points out that Joseph signing with an NFL team is a longshot at best because of his age and the salary guarnateed him due to his five years played in the league. But I don’t like the situation at all. We can’t have an unhappy QB. Yet, I think KJ should be a little more patient and realize ET has his hands full right now with trying to pin down a new head coach. And it won’t be George Cortez. Damn Stampeders…

Good news all! Rudy Giuliani OFFICIALLY won’t be running the US in 2009! His ‘fall from grace’ as ‘America’s mayor’ has been nothing but spectacular. Thinking he could ‘unveil’ his campaign in Florida, a week before Super Tuesday was an inane strategy. I’m just glad that we won’t have to hear about 9/11, terrorists and how he’s the only one who can save us from the infelds anymore. The Onion’s article about Giuliani running for President of 9/11 is classic reading – the truth in humorous form!

And what about John Edwards dropping out of the Democratic race? Well, I appreciate his message about not leaving the poor in our society behind, but I never found it to be sincere. The only downside to Edwards’ decision to leave the race it that Ralph Nader is thinking about running. Seriously.

All we need now is Ross Perot to come back from political purgatory…


I truly don’t remember the last time it was this freaking cold. Maybe it’s because last winter wasn’t this bad, and I spent the previous two winters in Vancouver where I don’t think it ever got below -5. Here it’s -50 with the windchill. Oh, excuse me. It’s warmed up. It’s now -49 with the windchill. It’s ridiculous! When it is this cold, the world should shut down. People should stay home. What is there to gain by going out in this frigidness? Cars don’t start. The brakes on my 4Runner are so stiff when I start it, that I wonder if I’m going to break (ha ha!) them.

I am SOOOOOOO excited for Kathleen Edwards’ new album! It’s coming out on March 4th, and the first single was released today! I’ve already listened to it 8 times – oh, 9 now! – according to iTunes. She’s so brilliant! How can she not be with these lyrics:

“a is for all the times I bit my tongue
b is for bullshit and you fed me some
c is for charity and now you’re mine
d is for dollars but you’re countin’ dimes
e is the exit sign backstage at shows…
You always write it in the cheapest key
You always blame it on the cheapest key
You always play me in the cheapest key”

I can’t quite decipher the words that go with ‘f’ and ‘g.’ But it’s a great play on words. A-G are the names of musical keys. I love it! CAN’T WAIT for March 4th!!

I’m sorry to keep pointing out all of the sexist stuff that’s being written about Hillary Clinton, but this paragraphyREALLY pissed me off:
“It’s not so much that women aren’t ready for a woman president. We are. But there’s something about last week’s spectacle of Bill Clinton crashing through South Carolina like the guy poised to drag her back to his cave by the hair that reminds us that Hillary has some stuff to work out in her marriage before she works it out with the rest of us. Any woman in public life inevitably still struggles to define herself in opposition to men. But Hillary has an even bigger cross to bear: She’s still defining herself in opposition to Bill.”

First of all, it’s a little more difficult to define yourself against someone WHO WAS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR EIGHT YEARS. Of course she hast to work against some history! It has nothing to do with the fact she’s a woman! Next, notice the words in bold. WTF?! You know, every couple has marital problems. And not every couple is perfect. If we’re going to measure our politicians by their perceived marital happiness, then why aren’t we talking about Rudy Guiliani and inability to stay married to one woman? In fact, his current marriage is the result of an extra-marital affair that began during his second marriage. Should we not be wondering if he’d ‘cheat’ on us if he became President? We should be by the unhinged logic of the above writer. Ugh. Furthermore, there’s a headline on the Globe and Mail website today that reads, “Hill and Bill: It’s the marriage, stupid – Dysfunctional duo or model for midlife love?” Who cares?!?! We don’t examine the marriages of male candidates. You don’t see articles about John McCain’s wife Cindy, who’s 17 years younger than John. And we don’t hear about the Obama marriage. Keep the focus on the future of the US of A, people!

In closing, I have to mention that we were given some very sad news last night at Wallyworld. One of our older cashiers, Charlotte, passed away very suddenly yesterday. Charlotte was one of the most unique people I have ever known. Her compassion was second to none; she raised the most money for our charities campaign after campaign. She was incredibly supportive of me and my education. She would always ask how I was doing and making sure that I wasn’t working too hard; she always worried about me. But she had another side to her. She could swear like a trucker and tear a strip off of you if she wanted! What a character. I loved her to bits and will miss her dearly…

I’m a little annoyed with myself that I used “Wintersong” as the post title for yesterday’s note. I’m annoyed because it would have been the perfect title for today’s post. So I decided to use it again. Meh.

I pretty much decided late last night that I would not be going to school today and having my own snow day. I find it ridiculous that everything was functioning like normal today when we were under a blizzard warning. I was actually surprised that things have been on schedule today, what with the weather. I really thought that there’d be an overreaction to this storm, caused by the underwhelming reaction to last year’s storm – and we all know what happened then. But what really shocks me is that the university didn’t post a weather bulletin. They ALWAYS post a weather bulletin. Weird.

So what have I done today? Absolutely nothing. I went to bed at about 2 am last night after falling asleep reading when I got home from work last night. So I was up late. And then I woke up at 6 and decided to listen to the news and see how bad the storm was. I’m a bit of a news junkie that way. Then I slept until about 11, got up and did a few things. And then I went back to bed. I cannot tell you how excited I am about having this upcoming weekend off. 48 hours of nothing. It will be glorious. I haven’t had a weekend off since the beginning of December. Wow.

But I really wish I had a piano on days like this. I’ve had this urge all day to just sit down and quietly play while I hum melodies. I really wanted to play some Debussy. The colours his music evokes just seem right on a day like today.

Ahh. Snow in Vancouver. There was a story on the news tonight about a freak afternoon blizzard that hit the Lower Mainland earlier today, and I couldn’t help but become nostalgic. Vancouver looks incredible with a dusting of snow. It causes complete and utter chaos on the streets as no one knows how to negotiate the ice and slush, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. I remember my first winter in Vancouver, where we had snow on and off for about 2 weeks – a rarity; my cousin couldn’t remember ever having that much snow in winter. I loved walking around those 2 weeks.

I’m seriously considering having a snow day tomorrow. I really wish I was in Mexico with my Mom right now. Lucky woman…

This weekend had its highs and lows. The high point was going out for supper with Melanie last night and then driving around the city and visiting its scenic points. One sometimes forgets what beauty surrounds them at home. I was reminded of that last night. And I was also reminded of my fear of heights. Mel and I went to the Weir and she wanted to go up top to the train bridge. Yeah – I chickened out. I got up one flight and couldn’t go any further. I think part of it was that I had heels on; I didn’t feel grounded in the first place. At least that’s the reason I’m going to go with. 😉

Today, though, was a total wash. I didn’t get one break my entire shift. I was wiped when I got home, and had a nap. I slept through the 3rd period of the NHL All-Star game, minus the last minute, which was probably the best hockey of the entire game.

I haven’t had a chance to sort through this weekend’s news stories, otherwise I’m sure I’d have more comments. I hope that doesn’t mean the week to come is going to be crazy. Sigh…

Mmmm. Ice cream would taste really good right now. I’m craving it, hence the title of this entry. But vanilla yogurt will have to suffice. I’m trying to pamper my throat, since my voice is rather gravelly today. I can’t seem to shake this head cold. Today I had to break down and buy the really expensive kleenex – the type with the lotion. My poor, red little nose.

But moving onwards and forwards. Can you believe it? TWO entries in one day! I don’t know why, but after a rather idle couple of months, the blogging bug has bit me again. Or maybe I just have more to rant about. Hmmm. Tough call.

Today’s episode of American foreign policy was bascially a rehashing of the last two classes of my Cold War class. Why did the Cold War start? The short answer: there isn’t one specific reason, and depending on your ideological framework or continental allegiance, you’ll create your own reasoning. History is not merely facts, my friends; it’s the interpretation of those facts.

And what was The Wheel’s wisdom for today? Well, there really wasn’t anything notable, except for this quote: “Communism was like a red gelatin, slowly spreading from the Soviet Union outwards.” Who knew the Cold War involved Jell-O!?!?

I’d just like to comment on a few noteworthy developments in the news today:

  • There was an article on the other day about how some news organizations had begun preparying the obituaries of young starlets, such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, because of their self-destructive behaviour. It’s certainly a bit ironic that this article was written only mere days before this afternoon’s sad news of the death of Heath Ledger. Personally, I thought he was brilliant in ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ and if the Academy could have given away two Best Actor trophies, they should have. Ledger was obviously more troubled than the public knew. What they say is true: money sure doesn’t buy happiness. And because death in the entertainment biz often creates a lot of buzz, Ledger’s death will certainly boost the hubbub surrounding this summer’s upcoming Batman movie, “Dark Knight.”
  • It’s about damn time the Leafs fired John Ferguson’s ass. I still can’t believe they chose him in 2003 over proven guys like Neil Smith and Steve Tambellini. HE HAD NO EXPERIENCE. The results? The Leafs suck and will suck for years to come. They have no GOOD young talent on their roster, no 1st round draft picks until probably next decade, the 2nd-most expensive blue line in the league even though it is one of the worst, AND WADE BELAK IS STILL INEXPLICABLY EMPLOYED!!!! This is the man who signed both Jason Allison and Eric Lindros to contracts despite their age and injury-riddled pasts. It’s amazing to me how such a storied franchise can have such a crazy, messed up front office. But that’s MLSE. I don’t know how I feel about Cliff Fletcher taking over as the interim GM. Sure he gave us Doug Gilmour and was GM during those conference final appearances in 1993 and 1994, but he traded a lot of our young talent/draft picks away as well, which has certainly contributed to the current situation. What do the Leafs need? DEFENCEMEN NOT NAMED BRYAN MCCABE, THOMAS KABERLE AND PAVEL KUBINA OR HAL GILL. None of the above are top line defencemen. Their salaries are just – I can’t even think of a word for it. Inexplicable just isn’t enough.
  • Scott Niedermayer is going to the All-Star game. Seriously?!?! The guy’s only played 17 games this season. 17. Sure he’s a Hall-of-Famer. But to be on the All-Star team, you should have an All-Star year. 17 games just doesn’t cut it.
  • I really wanted the Packers to win on Sunday. Brett Favre had a great year and deserved that Super Bowl trophy. I really don’t like the Patriots. They’re like the Red Wings. Or the Stampeders of the 1990s, the Lions of this decade. Always on top. Damn them!
  • If I see one more pink Roughriders shirt or hat, I will snap. GREEN IS THE COLOR, PEOPLE!
  • Fred Thompson dropped out of the Republican presidential candidate race. Does anyone care?
  • Listen to Sophie Milman. You won’t be disappointed.
  • I almost crawled out of my skin yesterday when one of my professors mentioned that women aren’t a minority. I held my tongue because by the time I realized what he had said, the class discussion was moving in a different direction. Women may not be a minority in terms of numbers, but we certainly are in terms of power.

That should do it for tonight folks…

So not funny. Nor original. Let me relay an experience from one of my classes this summer.

In my International Studies class we were required to do a 10-15 minute presentation on a current event of important international importance. I chose to do my presentation on the possible election of Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States.

After my presentation, one of my classmates asked how old she was. I responded that I wasn’t sure and thought mid to late 50s (she turned 60 in October). The classmate then asked me whether Clinton had gone through ‘the change.’ Seriously. I couldn’t make this up. I looked at him rather astonishedly, and said, “Excuse me?” He said, “You know, has she gone through menopause? Because when women go through menopause they can become irritable and have hot flashes and those kinds of things.” I stood there completely flabbergasted. I practically yelled at him, “Are you trying to tell me that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be President because she ‘might’ have a hot flash or become irritable and will push the red nuclear button out of bitchiness?” He kind of laughed. I was stunned. And then he continued! “And have you heard of the ‘baby blues’?” “You mean, post-partum depression?” I said, trying to keep my cool. “Well, you know, women get affected by those as well.” I countered, “Well, Chelsea Clinton is in her late 20s, so I think that won’t be a problem.” Luckily my professor jumped in at this point and put an end to the conversation, telling the classmate that his thinking is the type that feminists dispute. I think he should have told him to go back to the Dark Ages and stay there.

So I don’t think the above cartoon is funny. Plus, I think we should quit dichotomizing weakness and tears with strength and lack of emotion. Tears are not a sign of weakness. They are a normal emotional reaction. Enough said.

Speaking of stereotyping and such, here’s a fantastic story from work this weekend. It may even go down as legendary. It’s the story of the anti-Listerine clan. And yes – I wrote that correctly.
I was at the Courtesy Desk at about 12:30, covering the lunch break of a fellow associate. I wasn’t busy and was cleaning the countertop when a customer came up to me, seemingly in a huff. He said to me,
“You need to talk to that cashier at #5.” I thought, oh great, another customer complaint. I asked the customer what the problem was. He responded, and I quote,
“She needs to check her morals.” I was speechless for a moment. First of all, what an odd sentence; it almost makes no sense, until you think about it. In the seconds that followed, I tried to figure out what morally reprehensible sin the cashier at #5 could possibly be committing at 12:30 on a Saturday afternoon in the midst of a busy Walmart. I couldn’t think of anything. I asked the customer what exactly was occurring that was causing him so much concern.
“Well she’s selling the guy 20 bottles of Listerine!” My first reaction: I wanted to laugh. It’s Listerine! The customer obviously saw my lack of understanding – it was written all over my face. So he said to me, “You know what he’s gonna do, don’t you?” at which point it clicked. The customer figured the person buying the Listerine was going to go and drink it to get high. I really wanted to tell the customer I thought the man buying the Listerine was going to go and fight gingivitis, but I didn’t think it was a good idea. The customer was dead serious that I do something about the guy buying the 20-odd bottles of Listerine. Now, I never saw the customer, and didn’t get a description of him until later in the day. So I told the customer,
“I can’t do much about it. We don’t have a sign stating there’s a limit to how much Listerine a person can buy.”
“Well you know what he’s going to do with it, don’t you? It’s morally irresponsible to sell that much Listerine to him!”
“Well sir, I can’t refuse to sell a product to a customer based on your suspicions. Plus, I cannot tell him what is morally right.”
The man walks away, visibly pissed off. I go back to cleaning up. A few minutes later, as I’m just finishing with another customer, the man is back. And he’s ready for battle. He stares me down and says, “Well, aren’t you going to do something?”
“Sir, I can’t do anything. I’m not responsible for what people buy. He’s not doing anything illegal.”
“Yes you can! You have a responsibility! What if he goes out and drinks all of that Listerine, then drives, and kills your kid?” he asks. I just stare at him. Then he yells, “Next you’re going to have kids taking cold medicine and making crystal meth in your parking lot!” I tell him he’s jumping to conclusions, that we have vendors in here all of the time, buying large quantities of products for resale in their own stores. His suspicions are not sufficient for me to interject in a sale. But he’s not buying it.
So I very firmly state, “Sir, I CANNOT refuse a sale based on your moral reasons.” He then asked to speak to a manager, since I was useless. I called Chris, who, when I told him the customer was concerned about someone buying a rather large amount of Listerine, laughed and commented on how this usually happens at Confed, not here. Chris came up, and listened to the man and the now FOUR other people who had now joined his complaint. The discussion was rather intense for a few minutes, as the four people claimed that it’s the retailer’s responsibility to the community to stop suspicious sales. Chris states that, of course, it is not. In fact, if we refuse a sale to a customer, and then find out our suspicions were unfounded, it becomes a human rights issue. In other words, he repeated what I had said. Of course the man and his mob weren’t satisfied and wanted to talk to an even higher authority. Chris pointed to the number of Head Office and told them to take their complaining there (well, he said it more politely than that). So the customers took down the number and left, still miffed that we didn’t do anything about it. Chris looked at me and said, “That was fun.” And that was that.
There were so many things I wanted to say to these people, especially since I never saw the customer in question. I thought of some examples of other things we should ‘guard’ in the store. Should I stand by the condoms and refuse to sell them to teenagers under the age of 18 or to those who aren’t married? Should I refuse to sell clothing with suggestive slogans to young girls? Should Walmart refuse to sell knives to teenage boys because they might be involved in gang activity and could possibly stab someone? And what about alcohol? People drink and drive, needlessly killing innocent people. Should we not then, by this man’s logic, shut down liquor board stores and stop selling alcohol since it could harm someone.

I’m getting really tired of these internal 5 am wakeup calls. For the past three nights I’ve woken up around 5 am, unable to fall asleep again. It’s getting a little more than annoying.

So what does one do at 5 am? Well, if you’re me, you turn on your computer and start reading about Friday night’s Nevada caucuses last night’s South Carolina Republican primary. The image on the left caught my eye. It’s from the New York Times and features the Republican presidential candidates after a debate in South Carolina. It caught my eye because THEY’RE ALL WEARING THE SAME SUIT. The only differences are the ties. Scary. If it wasn’t 5 am I probably wouldn’t care. Or notice. But I care. And I noticed.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing, really. It’s just an observation. And it’s funny. 5 am funny.

Okay. The real purpose of this post is to get a few things out of mind that have been sitting there and steeping the past number of days. The first has to do with all of the men above. If I hear one more time that Roe vs. Wade should be reversed (Roe vs. Wade being the 1973 US Supreme Court that legally allowing abortion across the country), I am going to, well, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m just sick and tired of hearing 60-year old men decide what women should do with their bodies. It’s been 35 years since Roe vs. Wade. GET OVER IT! It’s legal and WILL NEVER be overturned. For a country founded on individual rights, liberty and the ability to sue everyone and anyone, I find it absolutely astounding that this issue comes up every 4 year election cycle. Maybe I’m too ‘liberal’ to get it. Or just too Canadian to understand the average Republican American’s obsession with abortion rights. Can you imagine Stephen Harper and the Conservatives running on a platform to overturn the legality of abortion? It would never happen! I’m just sick of this topic resurfacing whenever the Republicans go through their nomination process. The US has more important domestic issues to deal with than controlling the bodies of its female population, like, I don’t know – the impending recession? Health care? A stupid war? A skyrocketing debt?

Let’s move to the Democrats, though I am feeling sleepy again – finally. The Democrats need to have some sort of group therapy session. Honestly, the nattering between the Clinton and Obama camps is getting both tiresome and increasingly loathsome. With Obama continuing to think he’s America’s only hope and Clinton feverishly pointing out his lack of pragmatism, a great rift is beginning to form within the Democratic fold. Personally, I think Obama’s message is a good one, but could use a little more substance – and less Oprah. Besides, I like Hillary. But what really annoys me, and yet deeply concerns me, is the continuing conversation about race and gender (here’s a fantastic commentary on why it’s about damn time gender issues become front and center in the world’s biggest democracy).

The Democratic race is slowly turning into a competition between race and gender: which do you support more? The implications are: if you support Obama, you don’t support women, and if you support Hillary, you’re racist. W. T. F? Jen, one of the the Feministing ladies (whom I adore. Visit them here for daily doses of feminist goodness) put it like this: “Obviously the electoral process in this country forces an either/or decision. Isn’t it depressing that what was so exciting, a woman and a black man poised to be the Democratic presidential candidate, turned into a battle over race and gender? But this battle is between the candidates, not their struggles and backgrounds. We can’t let the game of politics become the oppression Olympics. That doesn’t help anyone.” Word.

All right. That’s enough deep thinking for 5 am. Or it must be, because I’m feeling mighty sleepy again. Who would have thought that all it’d take would be some presidential race blogging? God I’m odd…


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