I am amused.

I was laying in bed this morning, surfing the morning’s headlines on my iTouch, when I saw the headline:

“Sarah Palin: McCain’s VP Choice”

I laughed out loud. Very loudly.

What began as an interesting campaign just got a hell of a whole lot more interesting.

My favourite part of this whole breaking news story is the fact it was so unexpected. Commentators have been scrambling to find any relevant piece of information about a little-known (until now) candidate. Even a Republican senator interviewed this morning simply said, “I don’t know anything about her.”

I must admit, though, that I was impressed by her introductory speech. She obviously admires John McCain very much and painted him as a compassionate man, a fatherly figure, the type of person America needs to lead them out of the Bush/Cheney doldrums. It was rather effective. She was very, very confident in front of a crowd of 15,000 people and made me rather jealous. I wish it had been my Hillary up there, accepting the Democratic vice presidential nomination. But I digress…

This might be one of my favouritest political moves ever. It’s shrewd, crude and ballsy. McCain is basically flipping Obama ‘the bird,’ saying, ‘Young’un, I sure as hell can still play the game.’ I may laugh about this for WEEKS.

What isn’t so funny, though, is the fact that if the Republicans lose, there’ll be millions out there blaming it on Palin, making it the woman’s fault. Could this possibly set women back? Another not-so-funny dimension of McCain’s choice is Palin’s record. She’s anti-choice, pro-gun, and anti-environment. She wants to drill the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. WTF?? I could never ever in a million lifetimes vote for her. But, sadly, I think she’s been nominated for all of the wrong reasons.

Note the following comment by Adam of TAPPED:

The pick of Palin is dripping with transparent condescension, the notion that the enthusiasm behind Hillary was simply the result of her being a woman, that it had nothing to do with what she actually stood for, and in that sense it’s equally sexist. Palin is essentially a hard right ideologue, and therefore nothing like Hillary as far as substance is concerned. It’s not very different from running Alan Keyes against Barack Obama in 2004. The conservative media reaction has already engaged in paternalistic language, with FOX News reporting on television that “McCain broke the glass ceiling,” implying in fact, that the pick had nothing to do with Palin or her qualifications, but merely her gender. It’s fitting that the party positing affirmative action as a program that picks people exclusively based on race or gender rather than qualification should do something similar given an opportunity for political advancement. While Obama is promising change through policy, not simply through the circumstances of his birth, the McCain campaign thinks his appeal is simply visual and demographic, and therefore something they can exploit.

Amen. I completely agree. McCain’s pick is all about picking up those dissatisfied Hillary voters rather than making a statement that women can, and should, be political leaders at the highest levels. As one of the CNN commentators said this morning, “You can’t just put Hillary’s skirt on another woman.” Definitely the quote of the week.

Another of Palin’s problems is her lack of experience at the national level. BUT she does have more actual executive experience than Barack Obama. The Republicans could still technically win that fight. BUT, what pisses me off is the fact that commentators are already making a big deal about her lack of experience and the fact she’s ‘a heartbeat away’ (how morbid) from being President. Yeah, she will be if elected. And yeah, she hasn’t run a country. But what about Obama? He hasn’t even been in the Senate for four years, let alone had any executive experience. While he’s been campaigning to be President the past four years, she’s been actually RUNNING A STATE. She’s had to approve budgets, deal with other governors, etc. Why does her experience count less because she’s a woman? Why are we so concerned that she ‘might’ be President despite her lack of experience when Obama has NO executive experience and he’s actually running FOR President, NOT Vice President?!?!

I’m very, very intrigued by the now-upcoming Vice Presidential debate between Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Biden is a self-proclaimed ‘attack dog’ for Obama, who will now have to walk a very thin line in a debate with Palin. Giving her an ass-kicking may translate as being a ‘bully,’ while being too weak and reserved will make him look like a pansy.


I was losing all interest in this campaign, but now I’m once again intrigued. Thank you John McCain. And thank you Sarah Palin. The Obama campaign will have to completely change their campaign strategy and tactics with only two months to go, which leads to this amazing point made by commenter Suzannah over on Feministing

TV & Media Love a Cat Fight. They Only Pit Women Against Women.

Didnt you notice how odd it felt to see Clinton and Obama sparring? Thats because when you see a female commentary making a point, it is usually another female who is used as the counter point. They still don’t let us play with the big boys, we have to stay in our sandbox and throw sand at only each other.

Now here is the BEST part for Hillary supporters: Obama is going to need to explain why he didnt pick the most qualified, popular, eloquent, and charismatic female politician in US history while McCain, a republican no less, picked a female right away. And since the news always and ONLY pits females against females in debates, Obama is going to need a female and ONLY a female to take on Palin. That makes Hillary Clinton his new best friend. He is going to have to call a LOT of favors, and after her being snubbed, I am THRILLED that he is going to have to rack up the favors with her.

As they say, ‘karma’s a bitch,’ people! The next two months are, at the very least, going to be entertaining.

Thank God – ’cause I’m going to need all the drama I can get out of the US Election, since Dictator Harper is forcing us to have yet another one…


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