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So I’m sitting here in my office at the university, working away on a couple of things. I’ve been pretty good most of the day, getting more done than I anticipated – always a good thing.

I’ve been checking the ‘Globe and Mail’ periodically to check on the progress of a supposed Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition. I checked just a few minutes ago and saw that a coalition has been finalized.

Holy @#$%!!!! Stephane Dion is NOT going to be the only Liberal leader to never become Prime Minister!!!!

I can’t believe it. I really can’t. However, this development is a political junkie’s DREAM! Apparently all government departments are preparing briefing books for incoming Cabinet ministers. And if the government is preparing briefing books, there’s a 95% chance this coalition is gonna happen.

Yet, there is still one week until the vote. TONS can happen during that time.

Anyway, what I would like to do is speak with my Conservative ‘friends.’ They have flooded message and comments boards with absurd commentary about the past week’s events. I would like to show them how wrong they are. I have written them a letter, my preferred form of blogging as of late.


Dear Conservatives,

Face it. Your ‘almighty’ leader screwed up. Big time.

Now you must face the consequences. So deal with it.

I know that I sound like some liberal (notice the small ‘l’) blowhard. However, I am not. I consider myself a centrist, or moderate, first and foremost.

However, the ‘discourse’ surrounding the current state of Canadian politics has been soured by ridiculous statements, mostly from the right side of the spectrum. This is not opinion; this is fact.

I would like to take this opportunity to educate you about the Canadian parliamentary system and remind you of your own government’s actions in 2004.

First, STOP talking as if Canadian democracy is under attack. Statements such as, “This is a coup!”, “They’re destroying our confederation!” (a direct quote from the Rally for Canada website; BTW, my FAVOURITE quote from the website is this: “Gather to support democracy, not political games in this time of crisis.” I’ll get to this a little later.), “This is just a power grab!”, “This is completely undemocratic!”, etc. You get the idea.

Democracy isn’t at stake here. What the coalition proposes to do is completely legal and CONSTITUTIONAL. Get out a copy of it and read it for yourself. Quit drinking the Conservative Kool-Aid and buying whatever it is they tell you. THINK for yourself. But I’m getting carried away…

It is perfectly within the limits of our parliamentary democracy that a minority government lose the confidence of the House. And if you don’t believe me, even John Gormley HIMSELF says so. This is the way our democracy works and has worked for almost 150 years. We just don’t use this part of the constitution very often.

I also think that it must be said that your very leader, Mr. Harper himself, contemplated creating his own coalition with the Bloc back in 2004, three months after that June 2004 election which returned the Liberals to Parliament with a minority government.

My second point is this: QUIT making this the fault of the opposition. Why? Well, it makes you look like a bunch of pouting three-year olds (although most of you act like this all of the time). And, IT ISN’T TRUE!!!!

Take some responsibility for once, people! It was your lead guy who decided now wasn’t the time to get serious about the economy. The head of your party decided he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to squash the opposition by removing public financing for political campaigns.

In other words, YOU’RE THE ONES WHO CREATED THIS MESS. If you would have just put your heads down, come up with an economic stimulus plan, presented it to the public and actually looked like you were governing, none of this would likely have occurred.

But NOOOOOO. You had to stick it to everyone else to cover up the fact that you had/have absolutely no idea what to do. You have no plan. You never did. Your leader told us all to go and buy stocks in September, while the rest of the world was realizing how grave this financial crisis is. Your leader said everything was fine, and now we’re running a deficit, mostly due to your government’s squandering of the nice little nest-egg the Liberals left you – but that’s another matter.

Suck it up, princesses. Quit pretending you’re innocent. This is your fault and no one else’s.

My third point is related to the second: don’t cry ‘foul’ and say the opposition is playing ‘political games’ and going for a ‘power grab.’ Especially when your leader’s political games are what caused this crisis in the first place. Especially when your leader has made it known that he would like nothing more than to drive the opposition parties into the ground. Especially when your own leader wanted to make this same move in 2004. And especially when it was your very leader who came into office on the promise of bringing accountability and transparency to Ottawa and then proceeded to take full advantage of the parliamentary system. How? Gee, I don’t know. There was that time where he broke his own damn election law to have an election, even when he implemented the statute in the first place to keep governments from having political advantage.

In other words, SHUT UP – ALL OF YOU!! Quit blaming everyone else for your problems, quit trying to paint this as an affront to democracy and quit accusing everyone else of playing politics to cover up the fact that they’ve beat you at your very own game.

Your government blew it. The only person you should be mad at is your leader. Give the rest of us a break and take it out on him.

Now is not the time for bitter partisanship, which you obviously don’t understand. I know my comments sound partisan, but they’re meant to get you to see the truth: the Conservatives had an opportunity to work with the opposition, and even said they would two weeks ago, but they chose to throw it away for their own political gain.

Well, their selfishness caught up with them.

Karma’s a b*tch, isn’t it?

Yours in the spirit of parliamentary democracy,


P.S. But Conservatives, what I really want to know is this: Have the Christmas cards from the Prime Minister’s Office already gone out? If so, will they recall them? Furthermore, if Stephen Harper isn’t Prime Minister this Christmas, does Stephane Dion get to send out his own batch of Christmas cards? Just asking…

P.P.S I just read a quote by Mr. Harper, who said, “I would certainly not want to find myself governing this economy today and in this position under a situation where I was required to follow socialist economics.” First, I thought we were smarter and better than the Americans. Socialism is a dirty word down there, and it isn’t up here, which is because we understand what socialism is and what it isn’t. Harper, quit preaching falsities about the values of socialism. Second, somebody needs to refresh Harper as to what socialism actually is. Economic stimuli and bank bailouts are government interventions in the economy, which makes them socialist policies. Duh.


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