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These guys weren’t terribly concerned about my golfing skills.  Smart.


Faith & Religion

Too often the Christian religion is obsessed with ‘sin’ – Jim Palmer

Everyone’s a biblical literalist until you bring up gluttony – Rachel Held Evans

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Culture, Society & Life

“Your privilege does not allow you to see…certain circumstances in society”

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First world problems – Alise Wright

‘Religious freedom’ means passive-aggressive Christian domination – Doug Mulder

‘The Lone Ranger’ represents everything that’s wrong with Hollywood blockbusters – Gilbert Cruz

Politics, Economics & Law

With shuffle, the Harper revolution continues its slow, steady crawl – Bob Rae

Don’t blame the young for not voting – Chris Selley

Why don’t women care about politics – Margaret Wente (ugh…)

Sask. gov’t will seek constitutional amendment to abolish Senate

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Random & Weird

Mandatory siestas provide legal way to beat summer heat

Falling television sets injuring many more children in US than 20 years ago

What I’m reading…

What I’m listening to…


Photo: Liam Richards, The Canadian Press

Darian Durant looked in control on Friday night.

Even when the Riders weren’t scoring touchdowns and settling for field goals, the Riders were successfully moving the ball and keeping their defence off the field.

In the first half, it looked like it was going to be a long day for the defence.  The Stampeders’ receivers were catching everything, Calgary QB Drew Tate was pretty much untouched and even though they weren’t running the ball well, they were often in second and short situations.

Then came the third quarter.

I don’t know what happened, but everything changed in the third quarter.  The Riders’ offence dominated, Calgary took a couple of stupid penalties, and the wheels fell off for the Stamps.  Time of possession in the second half: Saskatchewan 21:57, Calgary 8:03.

I’m still somewhat confused as to why the Stamps didn’t run Jon Cornish more.  He ran for 170+ yards the previous week; why go away from what’s working?

But that’s not our problem, is it?

Nope.  Right now, things seem to be firing on all cylinders for the Riders.  They’re 2-0, leading the CFL and already have two wins against Western Division opponents in the bag.

It’s a nice position to be in.

Now for Things That Worked and Things That Didn’t…

Things That Worked

  1. The running game – 133 yards for Korey Sheets this week.  Another personal best.  Add in a ridiculous effort to get the go-ahead TD in the third quarter, and it was another monster effort by the Riders’ number one running back.
  2. The passing game – Darian Durant continues to impress.  26/34 for 258 yards and 2 TD and 0 INTERCEPTIONS.  He looks great right now.
  3. NO TURNOVERS.  This is a recording…
  4. Offensive play calling – It’s so imaginative.  The great sets to help rookie OT Ben Heenan, the play action, the roll outs – it’s like we have an offensive coordinator who actually knows what he’s doing.  All hail George Cortez!
  5. Return game – Jock Sanders looked a lot more comfortable this week.  He’s going to break out and scored a TD pretty soon, I imagine.
  6. Ricky Schmitt – He punted the crap out of the football.  When he pinned the Stamps deep in the second quarter by putting some backspin on the football, I just about cried.  It truly was that amazing.
  7. Field goals – Chris Milo was 4/4.  Good job.

Things That Didn’t Work

  1. Defensive line pressure – Still need to get more pressure from our front four, but given how good Calgary’s offensive line is, it was decent.
  2. Penalties on returns – I am so sick and tired of hearing, “Illegal block/holding, Saskatchewan number ____” on returns.  Fix it.

Mis-play of the Game:

Apparently Rod Black and Glen Suitor don’t listen to the half-time show that carefully.  It was Chris Getzlaf they were talking about going against Jonathan Hefney.  Not Weston Dressler.


#7 – Weston Dressler, Slotback

From the beginning of the game, WD7 was the featured receiver.  He had a great catch-and-run TD to open up the scoring for the Riders, and he had the Stamps


#3 – Macho Harris, Defensive Back

He had a ridiculous interception taken away from him last week when Coach Chamblin couldn’t seem to get his challenge flag out of his back pocket, so the gift interception from Kevin Glenn at the end of the game was justice.  He had a great game, and made a couple of great knock downs on some long balls that helped keep the Stamps from trying to make a game of things in the second half.  Great effort.


#2 – Jock Sanders, Returner/Running Back

Excellent effort all game.  A couple of times he looked like he was going to be down, but then he’d make something out of nothing.  Could be a special returner for the Riders.  Corey Holmes 2.0?

NEXT WEEK: @ TORONTO: It’s a short week for the Riders and a long flight.  I’m not sure what to think of Toronto quite yet.  Their defence doesn’t seem as dominating as it was last year, and their offence has been inconsistent.  Should be a good matchup, and for some reason I expect the Riders to beat the defending Grey Cup champs.

Friday night lights…


A rather abbreviated list today because Google Reader died on July 1st and Feedly and I aren’t getting along yet…

Faith & Religion

30 plus examples of Christian privilege

Taking back Eden – Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

Psalm 61: Breathing room – The Registered Runaway

Culture, Society & Life

I’m coming out of this.  Eventually.  – The Bloggess

What men want, America delivers – Roxanne Gay

Politics, Economics & Law

Why women win elections – Douglas Todd

Scalia fails to grasp true democracy – Nicholas Buccola

Democracies are only as good as their institutions – Kyle Thetford

The Conservatives’ damage control deals: Mike Duffy’s not the first case – Paul Wells

Random & Weird

10 body parts you could do without

Photo: The Canadian Press

I will be completely honest: I bet on the Eskimos this past weekend.  I was pretty sure they were going to beat the Riders, since the Riders pretty much suck when they play at Commonwealth Stadium.  How badly do they suck at Commonwealth:

Those statistics are gross.

So here’s another for you: the Riders hadn’t won a game on the road against a Western Division opponent since 2010.


But you can see that the deck against the Riders was a little bit stacked.  No wonder I didn’t have any faith…

But then the game started and the Riders kept putting up points, and Edmonton kept finding new ways to screw up.  The final score was rather flattering for the Eskimos, as two late touchdowns made things look a lot better than they did.

All in all, it was a solid start for the Riders.  The offense was clicking, for the most part, and the defence didn’t look too bad.

Now for Things That Worked and Things That Didn’t…

Things That Worked

  1. Strong start – The Riders scored on their first two possessions to go up early and never looked back.
  2. Korey Sheets – He looks to be building on a great rookie season.  Over 100 yards in the first game of the year against a very good Edmonton front seven.
  3. Darian Durant – Looked a lot more at home in this offence than he has for some time.  And three TDs ain’t too shabby.

Things That Didn’t Work

  1. Second quarter offence – There was a bit of a lull, but
  2. Return teams – Not a terribly impressive opening.  Jock Sanders looks tentative.
  3. Challenges – Coach, you’ve gotta challenge those close calls!  The Riders hadn’t yet used a challenge in the game, so there was nothing to lose.

Mis-plays of the Game:

  1. Mike Reilly, never throw the ball when you’re inside your own 10.  Even if you’re inept coaches tell you to.
  2. Dwight Anderson – You’re on your last strike with a number of Rider fans, including this one.


#1 – Korey Sheets, Running Back

Monster game and a personal best.  17 carries for 131 yards and one TD.  Excellent start to the season.


 #74 – Keith Shologan, Defensive Tackle

He really benefitted from the double teams that Edmonton threw on his cohort, defensive end John Chick.  Sholo had three tackles and, more importantly, two sacks.  But he was causing trouble for Edmonton QB Mike Reilly all game.


#17 – Ricky Schmitt

A 48.6 yard punt average makes Coach Chamblin’s decision to go with an import punter look a lot better.

NEXT WEEK: vs. CALGARY:  This is a true test for the Riders.  The Stamps have a much, much better offence, and their defensive line is just as good as Edmonton’s, if not better.  I pick the Stamps because they just seem to win regular season games at Mosaic Field and they looked dominant against BC last week, but you never know.


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