Yes, I actually made these.  Surprised?  Me, too.


Faith, Spirituality & Life

What if your life is already your best thing? – Glennon Melton

Malala Yousafzai…and the need for religious reform – Ryan Bell

Culture & Society

Nothin’ wrong with a little baby-tossing – Emma Teitel

What I want you to know about how wonderful it is to have a child with Down Syndrome – Rage Against the Minivan

TV’s renaissance for strong women – Kevin O’Keefe

When office lotto pools go bad – Tasmin McMahon

Sarah Silverman v. the ‘vagina tax’

Can we talk?  Sports is still a man’s world – Emma Teitel

Politics, Economics & Law

Kim Campbell says we need gender parity in Parliament

A tough day at the Supreme Court for supporters of a ban on assisted suicide – Emmett MacFarlane

The resiliency of the Obama presidency – Andrew O’Sullivan

Elections Nova Scotia working on program to pre-register teens for elections

Canadian politicians and their look-alikes – Huffington Post




CBC’s Chanss Lagaden

This year, fall has turned into an endless summer…


Faith & Spirituality

Antidepressants as means of grace – Sarah Schwartz

Culture, Society & Life

Aziz Ansari is a feminist because he believes in equal rights (and that’s how words work)

Jennifer Lawrence shames nude-photo thieves, via nude photo shoot – Megan Garber

The headlines are sad, but life is good

‘What Women Want’: A brief history – Megan Garber

When anxiety hits at school – Lucy Dwyer

Politics, Economics & Law

An MP wrestling with his vote on Iraq – Aaron Wherry

Rescuing democracy? A look at politics in Canada – Jane Hilderman



All I really care about this week is that this lovely group has a new album out.  If you want to know what I’m doing, chances are pretty good that I’ll be listening to it.



               There’s still one more piece of cheesecake left from the birthday celebrations…


Faith & Spirituality

May God bless you with anger – Sarah Bessey

When presidential candidates have to please priests – Emma Green

Sometimes I get angry – Glennon Doyle Melton

Culture, Society & Life

Why what almost happened matters – Andrew Sullivan

30 years of ‘The Cosby Show’: More than just sweaters – Jamie Weinman

Politics, Economics & Law

Why Presidents are also celebrities – Megan Garber

Scotland: The world’s first referendum on income inequality – Katie Engelhart

The notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

In praise of the airless rooms of parliamentary committees – Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Random & Weird

The most controversial cameos on ‘Sesame Street’ 

Engineering mosquitoes to spread health – Renee Alexander

What I’m reading…

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What I’m watching…

JohnOliver_LWT_KeyArt_Final      Outlander-TV_series-2014

Soooooooooooo cute…


These guys weren’t terribly concerned about my golfing skills.  Smart.


Faith & Religion

Too often the Christian religion is obsessed with ‘sin’ – Jim Palmer

Everyone’s a biblical literalist until you bring up gluttony – Rachel Held Evans

Power and gender: among us it shall be different – Richard Beck

How Charles Darwin became the patron saint of American Christianity – The Church of No People

Politics and the problem of Jesus – Zach Hunt

The tire-swing dimension – Timothy

I’m pretty sure God isn’t a helicopter parent – Peter Enns

Culture, Society & Life

“Your privilege does not allow you to see…certain circumstances in society”

Happily-ever-afters don’t help anyone – Joy

First world problems – Alise Wright

‘Religious freedom’ means passive-aggressive Christian domination – Doug Mulder

‘The Lone Ranger’ represents everything that’s wrong with Hollywood blockbusters – Gilbert Cruz

Politics, Economics & Law

With shuffle, the Harper revolution continues its slow, steady crawl – Bob Rae

Don’t blame the young for not voting – Chris Selley

Why don’t women care about politics – Margaret Wente (ugh…)

Sask. gov’t will seek constitutional amendment to abolish Senate

Province’s boom provides little public benefit – Paul Hanley

A to-do list for the New Minister of National Defence – Steve Saideman

Law and justice and George Zimmerman – Andrew Cohen

Former SCOTUS justice John Paul Stevens on SCOTUS’ Voting Rights Act decision

The formula behind the Voting Rights Act

Morsi’s last, lonely days in power – Bessma Momani

Random & Weird

Mandatory siestas provide legal way to beat summer heat

Falling television sets injuring many more children in US than 20 years ago

What I’m reading…

What I’m listening to…

Friday night lights…


A rather abbreviated list today because Google Reader died on July 1st and Feedly and I aren’t getting along yet…

Faith & Religion

30 plus examples of Christian privilege

Taking back Eden – Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

Psalm 61: Breathing room – The Registered Runaway

Culture, Society & Life

I’m coming out of this.  Eventually.  – The Bloggess

What men want, America delivers – Roxanne Gay

Politics, Economics & Law

Why women win elections – Douglas Todd

Scalia fails to grasp true democracy – Nicholas Buccola

Democracies are only as good as their institutions – Kyle Thetford

The Conservatives’ damage control deals: Mike Duffy’s not the first case – Paul Wells

Random & Weird

10 body parts you could do without

photo (3)

The rainbow connection…


Faith & Religion

Reclaiming feminist – Sarah Bessey

Why I hate the word ‘inerrancy’ – Ed Cyzewski

Stop telling me what is anti-Christian – Christian Piatt

Who will reclaim this broken-down soil? – Heather Caliri

Culture, Society & Life

I went outside – Becca Rose

Kierkegaard on anxiety and creativity

Faking it: ‘Mad Men’s Don Draper problem – Emily Nussbaum

Politics, Economics & Law

Bob Rae’s exit robs Canada’s Parliament of a rare voice – John Geddes

The PMO, the journalists and the whole off-the-record thing – Susan Delacourt

Random & Weird

The world’s most beautiful spreadsheet

What I’m listening to…

It’s a wet and cloudy Monday morning…


Faith & Religion

The spiritual practice of showing up and telling the truth – Kathy Escobar

In which God has asked too much of us – Sarah Bessey

“You’re not arguing with us, but with God” – Kristen Rosser

Christianity means not knowing all the answers – Kathy Vestal

Consumer Christianity – Stephen Mattson

Stephen Colbert is ruining America – Zach Hunt

10 political things you can’t do while following Jesus\

Culture, Society & Life

The Quebec turban ban: what doesn’t get said – Paul Wells

I’m coming out of this. Eventually. – Jenny Lawson

Australian Prime Minister subject of sexist menu at fundraising dinner

A terrible, terrible photoshop job…

The Dalai Lama says female leaders are more compassionate\\

Politics, Economics & Law

Awaiting the Stephen Harper comeback – Paul Wells

Brent Rathgeber returns politics to normal – Andrew Coyne

Random & Weird

Lego faces are getting angrier – and that worries some scientists


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