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I’ve unfortunately forgotten something very important in Vancouver. Something that I should have known I would need. Something I’ve used every December since birth. I forgot my winter parka. Big mistake. Big, big, big, big, big mistake. Seeing as I arrived in Toon Town in the middle of a deep freeze, I’ve been cold all week. And I don’t have many sweaters anymore because: a) most of them don’t fit (but that’s a good thing…) and b) you don’t wear sweaters in Vancouver. This was a tip that was passed on to me in early September. You just don’t wear sweaters unless you wish to continually sweat. Humidity is not fun. I’d take a dry cold anyways.

I realized how stupidly I packed for the cold weather last night. I stayed the night in Saskatoon with my brother to visit, and because I had an eye doctor appointment at 9:00 am this morning. We decided to walk to McNally Robinson to get some hot chocolate and to kill some time. Jeff said it was a 5 minute walk. 5 minute walk my…it was at least 15 minutes. And it was cold. Oh so cold. My fingers were the coldest. I don’t even have a proper pair of mittens anymore. I thought I was going to freeze to death. And because of my glasses, I can’t even put my scarf over my nose because my glasses just fog up. So my nose was extremely cold as well. And to top it off, there was no hot chocolate to be found at our destination. What?!?!?!? This is SASKATCHEWAN! Hot chocolate is a staple beverage in the cold months! So, we had milkshakes instead. And they just made us colder.

This morning I took a cab downtown to go to the eye doctor. Seeing as I was lacking a vehicle and wasn’t about to try a new bus route when it’s 30 below, a cab was a good option. I don’t mind eye exams. I just hate it when they blow that little puff of air in your eyes – freaks me out everytime. Anyways, coming back I met the best cab driver ever. He was funny, politically motivated and had a red Santa hat on to boot. He’s also environmentally conscious as well. An environmentally conscious cab driver? They do exist. We were talking about the weather and how global warming is affecting current weather patterns. This lead into a conversation about car emissions, the political power of auto makers and into government and the current stripper allegations. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about politics. I thanked him for his conversation before I got out of my cab. And the best part? He forgot to start my fare until I was almost back at Jeff’s house. But I paid him what I thought the fare would have been.

I am now going to retire under a blanket until I have to move again. I am thankful for the sunlight, but not for the cold. You should all move to Vancouver. But we’d have to get rid of the Lions first…


Two hours makes all the difference in the world. It really does. Everyone in my house is going to be at 12:00 am these days, and I can’t fall asleep until 2:00 am. 2:00 am is 12:00 am my time – BC time. My body clock is completely out of whack, as is my body temperature. To be greeted by -20 degrees is not kind to an aclimatized West Coaster. And apparently I am a real West Coaster down – apparently I have a slight American accent that goes with living in Vancouver. And the way I say Vancouver has changed. It’s not Vancoooover. It’s Vancooo/eever with a very weird oo/ee sound instead of oo.

The trip here was bumpy. I haven’t experienced turbulence on a plane like I did on Friday. Granted, it was relatively mild, but it was still turbulence, and for a paranoid flyer like me, it was more than enough. I hate flying. I hate everything about it. I hate that WestJet decided to give us two little Mars bites as thanks for flying WestJet this holiday season. $350 for a plane ticket and two measley Mars bits. I hate that I’m 30,000 feet up in the air. I hate how I always have to undo my belt buckle when going through security. Flying just freaks me out. Always has. Always will. But I am getting better at looking out the window. The view from the plane over the Rockies was astonishing. The mountains very peaking out from above the clouds (it was quite foggy when we left). And the view of the prairie – you can see every nook and cranny.

I felt a strange sensation after I landed. The wide open space scared me for a second. After being enclosed in a relatively small space for the past three months, all the space around me was disconcerting. It went away after a minute or two, but it was odd. And the dry air hit me for a second as well, but not as much as the amount of space. But the prairie sunset was as beautiful as ever. Sunsets don’t exist in BC like they do on the prairie. Besides the time difference, I had forgotten that it’s almost 9:00 by the time the sun rises here. In BC, because of Daylight Savings Time, the sun rises around 7:30 – but it sets before 4:00 these days. I also felt very impatient for the first 24 hours. I forgot how slow people drive here, and how they really aren’t in a hurry. And the lack of noise was weird for a while as well. It’s always when you come home that you notice the differences. But it’s so good to be home.

I’m ashamed. So ashamed. I should run and hide I’m so ashamed. I made a 98 point word in Scrabble tonight. And I lost the game. How is that possible (read columns involving idiocy for help in identifying the cause)? I made the word “spandex”. Granted, I had to use two blanks to do it (silly in hindsight), but it was over a double letter and triple word score, so I thought, “Meh, what the heck?” Plus, I was down by a good 50 points and needed to do something drastic to get back in the game. So, I made “spandex”, which was 48 points, and then got 50 points for using all seven letters – the first time I’ve done that. And yet I lost. Why? Because of a lack of the letter “s” (I had to use a blank to make the “s” in “spandex”).

I swear Heather puts all of the letter “s”es in her pockets. Why? I have never had one single “s” everytime I’ve played her. And everytime I’ve lost. The only time I beat her was playing with her and her Mom. That’s it. And no “s” that game either. It’s not fair. Not fair at all. And then I got the “z” and the “q” near the end of the game. I never could put that “q” anywhere. Just one “s” and I could have beat her. I’ve got to keep working on my game…

Today I was frustrated – and not just because of the Scrabble game. I was anticipating having rehearsal tonight. I walked to school this morning to find out what time I would be called for to find that there’s no rehearsal. I’m a little miffed. A bunch of students have already left Vancouver for the holidays. If I would have known there wouldn’t be rehearsal today, I would have left last Friday. But then I wouldn’t have a job interview this Thursday, so…never mind…

The torrential rain continues. The lack of sun here is slowly starting to get to me. How can people have Christmas in this cloud and rain? It doesn’t feel like Christmas!! And that’s why I’m heading to the mall tomorrow. I’ve got to get those Christmas presents, and tomorrow’s the day. Wish me luck!

(Ed note: I started writing this a few days ago and forgot about it. So, some of it is from Friday, and some of it is from Sunday. Not that it really matters…)

I would like to once again admit my idiocy. And I’m even more of an idiot now, because I don’t think that idiocy is a word. Anways…

In my last entry I was lamenting the fact that I had lost a chance to go and see NHL hockey this weekend. Well, I looked again the next day and found a ticket. And once again I thought about it and lost it. If I get one again, I refuse to think. I will just buy it and be done with it. But there’s no chance of that happening. Todd Bertuzzi is apparently coming to play, so I’m sure any tickets are gone. But I’m still hoping something will show up on Ticketmaster…

Today was a very lazy day. The incessant rain and monsoon-like weather has just drained any energy out of me. I haven’t seen the sun since Sunday, and it’s getting a little annoying. When I finally yanked myself outside this afternoon, I decided to try and do a little Christmas shopping. I have no idea what to get my family. The presents need to be small so that they fit in my suitcase. They can’t be too terribly expensive. And I’d like them to be something you just wouldn’t find in Saskatchewan – a novelty item if you will. But this is proving to be difficult.

This blog is turning into a movie review site. I saw three movies this weekend. I rented Cold Mountain and Welcome to Mooseport last night. Welcome to Moosepart was pretty funny. Ray Romano wasn’t as annoying as I thought he was going to be. And Gene Hackman was hilarious as the ex-President. Good supporting work from Marcia Gay Harden and Maura Tierney, who always plays a great scorned girlfriend (remember Liar, Liar?). It’s predictable as anything, but was good for a laugh, especially after Cold Mountain…

This is a movie I should have seen months ago, but put off for one reason or another. It was worth the wait. I would like to say that I love Jude Law even more with a Southern accent. His voice is deeper and less boyish. While watching this movie, it struck me how brilliant of an actor he is. Moving on… Nicole Kidman is great and Renée Zellweger – my favorite actress right now – is just brilliant as Ruby. The movie is haunting and dark, and never becomes terribly sappy when the opening is there. The music is astonishing – I might just have to buy the soundtrack. It’s very touching and speaks to the brutality that is war, which is very relevant today. I spent a great deal of today just watching commentaries on it (I had not much else to do…), and the painstaking detail that goes into an epic such as this is nothing short of insanity. But it was worth it with this movie.

And tonight I indulged in Ocean’s Twelve. A good, guilty pleasure. This movie is fun. Pure enjoyment. Nothing serious or moralistic about it at all – and it doesn’t try to be. It realizes that it’s just there to put butts in the seats and make money – and that’s all. The only unfortunate thing was that Catherine Zeta Jones was in it. And a big part of it. I have never been a big fan of her. I don’t really know why. I highly recommend it, but I was surprised that it’s almost 2 hours long. Mind you, when each actor is making a good $10 million, it’d better be more than 90 minutes.

(Ed. note: Once again my computer worked its magic and deleted a good chunk of what has been re-written below. Grrrrr…)

Give me a break. Five flurries later, the people of Vancouver are panicked because – it snowed! Come on! The flakes melted as soon as they hit the ground. Get real people. I was happy those five flakes fell, but I want a real snowfall.

Next up: I’m an idiot. I’m sure that comes as no complete shock to some of you, but I am a true idiot. I had a ticket for the Brad May and Friends hockey game on Sunday, but decided to think about it and ended up losing my ticket. Since when do I THINK before buying a sports ticket? Never! My Mom was right: I think too much. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Who’s Brad May and what’s with the hockey game?” Well, Brad May is a Vancouver Canuck, which normally makes him bad, but it’s good this time around. He put together a charity game with various other Canucks, including Markus Nasland, Matt Cooke, Dan Cloutier and others. He also brought in some “ringers”, those being Shane Doan, Jerome Iginla, Mike Modano, and Ryan Smyth among others. “Ringers” – right…

Anyways, I’m an idiot. I didn’t get a ticket. And it would have only been $20 had I given Ticketmaster my information instead of try to think about it! The good part is that I have an extra $20 now. But it’s Jerome Iginla in a lockout year where I’m probably not going to see the Canucks, and I’m sure regular tickets cost a lot more than $20. I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And speaking of the hockey lockout, check out the song, “Shut the Puck Up!” at Funny stuff…

I would now like to post a few select quotes from the past week. And they’re about singers and opera. So skip ahead if you don’t care:

“This (masterclass) is the home shopping channel and you are the product.”

“Mozart concert arias are like a detox diet. You know they’re good for you, but do you really wanna go there?”

To me the above were funny. I’m sorry if they are not to you.

Tonight I went to the movie theatre to spend two whole hours with Jude Law. 🙂 “Closer” is not for everyone. Only see this movie if you really, really, really, really want to see it. It’s brutal, uses graphic language, and is very haunting. Natalie Portman isn’t believeable for a second, unfortunately, but otherwise it’s a good movie. And when I got back from the movie…

I found out that I’m being granted a job interview with the White Rock School of Music and Dance to teach voice! My prayers have finally been answered! Unfortunately I can’t call them back until tomorrow, but I’m SO excited just to get a chance at a job! Yeah! And on that note, it’s off to bed. Happy early birthdays Grandpa and Cherise!


Slept in your bed: Um, me. What do you people take me for?

Made you cry: My Mom. I miss her a lot. 🙂

Spent the night at your house: Heidi was here on Friday night. Good times…

You shared a drink with: Um, I don’t drink.

You went to the movies with: Bryn. “Finding Neverlan” – SOOOOO good.

You went to the mall with: Averil, Leah and Heather. Cascade Mall in Mount Vernon, Washington, where the infamous “polka dot shirt” was bought.

Yelled at you: I don’t remember.

You Kissed: Let’s just say it’s been a long time…


Said “I love you” and meant it?: Yeppers.

Gotten in a fight w/your dog/cat/bird/fish,etc.?: I got into a little skirmish with my puppy Sadie when she jumped on me when I was sleeping and scratched me cheek. I felt bad afterwards for getting mad at her.

Been to New york: Yes. And you should go. Now.

Been to Florida?: Nope.

California?: No (sigh)…

Hawaii?: No.

Mexico?: No. But have you LIVED in Vancouver? I do!!

Canada?: A few times…

Drumheller: Yep. I don’t remember much about it, though.

Danced naked?: I admit nothing…

Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened: I have had lots of deja vu moments, but

I can’t remember any at the moment. I’ve definitely had really crazy dreams that I wish would


Wished you were the opposite sex?: Yeah. I would have played football and hockey.

Do you have a crush on anyone?: Yeah. But I’m not telling you who it is. 😉

Spring or fall?: Fall. It means Christmas is coming, and my birthday’s somewhere in there, too.

Last noise you heard?: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Last time you went out of the state: Remembrance Day Weekend. Went to Washington.

Things you like in a girl/guy?: Well, I originally wanted my dream guy to be a Swedish hockey player with football skills and an incredible tenor voice, but those goals are clearly much too high. I look for a great sense of humor, competitiveness, strong character, passion for what they do, kind, compassionate and sensitive. And looking like Jude Law also helps. Does anyone know someone who fits this recipie?

What book are you reading?: Lamb by Christopher Moore. So funny.

Worst feeling in the world: Loneliness, loneliness and loneliness. And being semi-lost in a really big city.

What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?: Oh thanks god classes are over for a month!!! WOO SLEEPING IN!!!

How many rings before you answer the phone?: Two. I always check the caller ID and then decide if I want to answer or not.

Future daughter’s name: Adrienne.

Future son’s name: I don’t know. But it’s definitely not going to be Phinneaus…

If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?: Professional opera singer, in demand for concerts around the world.

Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous?: Righty.

Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: Yeah. I’m a geek.

What’s under your bed?: Many bags, magazines, slippers.

Siblings: Jeff and Michelle

Location: #512-1405 West 15th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada, North America, Earth…

Piercings: Nope. Too scared.

Tattoos: Uh-uh. Only fake ones in the summer.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Nope.


Do you do drugs?: Does my inhaler count?

Do you drink?: Nope. I’m crazy enough without the stuff, thank you.

What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use?: Herbal Essences. And it’s not because of the commercials…

What are you most scared of?: Huh – where do I start? Anything creepy or crawly, the cat that scares me everytime I enter the condo from the back door at night, losing my voice, losing in general, that I’m not going to make a cent from singing, that I’m going to end up busking on the streets of Vancouver after school is over, that the Leafs and Riders will never ever win another championship, relationships, airplanes, heights, elevators..

What clothes do you sleep in?: Depends on the weather. If I’m cold, long-sleeved flannel PJs. If I’m hot, shorts and a tank top.

Who is the last person who called you and that you called?: I called my Mom to tell her to call me back. And she did.

Where do you want to get married?: In a church in my hometown of Rosthern. With lots of people and a big reception. I want the fairytale wedding. And I’m getting married in September.

Who do you really hate?: The BC Lions.

Favorite number?: 3

Been In Love?: I think so.

What Type Of Automobile Do You Drive: Heather’s 2000 Mazada Protégé if I’m lucky.

Are You Timely Or Always Late: Early. Most of the time.

Do You Have A Job: I wish.

Do You Like Being Around People: Yes, but I like anti-social moments as well.

Are you for world peace: Yeah. And the world would be more peaceful if Greenpeace wasn’t asking me for money every other day.

Are you a health freak: I’m becoming one. I’m trying to eat more fruits and veggies. I now eat broccoli. It’s seriously a big, big step for me.

STUFF… Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: Uh, yeah.

Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The Opposite Sex Did: Yeah.

Do You Have A “Type” Of Person You Always Go After: Not really.

Wanted Someone You Don’t Have Right Now: Yeah.

Ever Liked a close boy/Girl Friend: Yeah.

Are You Lonely Right Now: Well, all of these “do you have a boyfriend”, “every liked someone” questions are making me have a little personal pity party…

Ever Afraid You’ll Never Get Married: Mmmm hmmmm.

Do You Want To Get Married: Yeah. But once I’m finished school.

Want Kids: 4. And I have reasoning. But because I can’t make jam properly, I’ve been cut down to only having 3.


Room In house: Right now the living room, because that’s where the Christmas tree is. 🙂

Type(s) of music: Anything minus heavy metal, rap, and anything involving Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.

Song: Can’t pick one.

Memory: I don’t know!

Color: Blue, green.

Perfume and/Or Cologne: Satsuma from The Body Shop. Mmmm.

Month: October

Season: Summer.


Cried: Nope.

Bought Something: Yeah. A ticket for the Sky Train.

Gotten Sick: Nein.

Sang: Um, I’m a voice major at an opera school. What do you think the answer to this question is?

Said I Love You: Yep.

Met Someone New: No.

Moved On: From what?

Talked To Someone: I think so…

Had A Serious Talk: Nope. Not even close.

Missed Someone: Oh yeah.

Hugged Someone: No. I want a hug now…

Kissed Someone: No. I want… Never mind…

Fought With Your Parents: Nope.

Dreamed About Someone You Can’t Be With: Yep. Hugh Grant and Colin Firth…

Had a lot of sleep: Yes.

I don’t remember the last full day I spent in my PJs before today. It was probably in summer when I was home. Not that it really matters. But I had a productive day. I’ve been doing a little work for Heather’s company, and after thirteen and a half hours, I updated their database. I can now tell you that the postal code for anything going to the City of Vancouver’s City Hall is V6Y 1V4. And that the postal code for the provincial government’s post office is V8W 9V1. And that 604 is only the area code for the Greater Vancouver area. For the rest of the province, it’s 250. I’m not sure if anything of these things will be useful to me, because it’s not as if “Postal Codes” is a category on Jeopardy or in Trivial Pursuit.

So obviously my weekend wasn’t terribly exciting. Friday night was worship band practice at church, and then once back at home we watched “A Big Called Wanda”, or “A Big Fish Called Wanda” as I once mistakenly refered to it. I’d never seen the movie before. Pretty funny. But those poor puppies. I just about cried as they, well, you know… Our cousin Heidi stayed for night and we had a good visit. I got up for church on Saturday while the other slept. And slept. And slept. I returned at 12:35, and the girls were still sleeping. I left for school for a rehearsal, and they were still sleeping. I returned at 3:30. And they were gone. Went for a walk. When they returned, Heidi and I ventured out to New Westminster to Molly’s house where we painted her spare room. And I ended up more “balmoral red” (aka burgundy) than the room. My ability to make a mess is astounding. I got paint in my hair, everywhere on my pants and shirt. And I found it on the soles of my feet this morning.

After the 2nd coat of paint, Heidi and I left. Since she had to head back to Aldergrove, which is east of New West, and I had to head west to Vancouver, I took the SkyTrain back. Thankfully Heidi explained the route I would take, otherwise I would have been very confused at the Commercial Drive stop when they told everyone to get out. That’s where the old SkyTrain line merges with the new one. Anyways, I was a little freaked out waiting all alone at 11:00 at night on the SkyTrain platform. I strategically placed myself right in front of the emergency alarm in case anything should happen. There was anothe guy on the other side of the tracks, but he soon got on the eastbound train and I was all alone. But then I noticed some security officials, and all was well.

Looking out of the SkyTrain at night is something else. The view is amazing. And the trip would have been more enjoyable had I not had to hear the sounds of a couple making out in the seat behind me. And if this kid wouldn’t have kept wandering from car to car to car and back again. When I got to the Granville Station, I headed for the bus stop after taking the long, long, long escalator up from the SkyTrain. And when I say long – it’s long. I get dizzy looking down. I’m scared to fall everytime I go up that thing. And then I waited for a bus. Any bus that would get me over the Granville bridge.

So I boarded the 10 Granville bus. And then it told us all to get off somewhere around Granville and Robson I think. It told us to go to the bus behind us. So I did, not realizing that he didn’t really mean that bus. Too late I noticed I was on the UBC 4 bus. Had it been the UBC 17 bus, it would have been okay. It stops at the corner of Broadway and Granville, where I usually get off anyways. But the UBC 4 bus turns right after the Granville Bridge. Had another girl not pulled the stop chain, I would have ended up somewhere southeast of where I needed to be. And that’s when I lost my pencil.

I hate losing things. I’m still angry about my chenille scarf I lost last winter. I don’t lose things often. I’m more of a misplacer – and that happens often. It’s quite normal for me to use 3 pens in an hour as I can’t find them after I put them down, only to later find them in a drawer, on the floor or back in my pen jar where they should be. Anyways, I had to disembark my bus quickly, as I was slow to decide on waiting for the next stop or not. And my pencil fell out of my pocket. And I left the poor thing sitting on the floor, not stopping for a second to pick it up. It’s bothered me all day. My poor pencil, laying there, cold and alone on a Vancouver bus, just to be thrown in the garbage. I hope someone picked it up and gives it a good home. I know this is weird. I know pencils don’t have feelings. But you’re talking to someone who will only wear the socks she first grabs because she feels bad if she discards it for another sock. I obviously have some subconscious emotional issues I need to work out…

My trip from New West to home took an hour. It was surprisingly midnight when I got home. And I was quite happy to get home and out of the monsoon. And today the sun shone. And what did I do? I sat around in my PJs. Another backwards move on my part…

Oh, and I did I mention that it was sunny, 6 degrees and the only snow around is on top of the mountains, and it shimmerings in the sunlight? Sorry if I didn’t…


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